What Do Podcasters Desire Most? Survey Reveals Fascinating Results

Reaching for the dangling carrotSurvey Says

A while back I sent out a survey to the community to find out what podcast producers wanted to learn about most. I was intrigued by how things had changed since 2005 when I first started podcast consulting. The results also offer some very important insights for your own podcast.

In the survey I had podcast producers rate a number of topics on a scale of 1 (not at all interested) to 5 (extremely interested). The following is a list of the top three most highly rated topics followed by the percentage of respondents that indicated they were either extremely interested (rating of 5) or very interested (rating of 4) in the topic. [Read more…]

Corporate Podcasting Summit London | Summary

Me in front of Big BenAfter three wonderful days in London absorbing rich information, seeing podcasting friends, making new acquaintances and having excellent conversation, here are the overall thoughts and impressions that I gained while attending and leading a group at the Corporate Podcasting Summit.

1. Corporations with foresight are doing very interesting things with podcasting

Many large organizations are having great with podcasting success with applications ranging from customer relations to training to PR. I especially enjoyed the case studies presented by First Direct Bank (who’ve received great feedback from their , CSIRO podcast (who’ve had great PR success with their viral air guitar shirt scientist) and Alcatel-Lucent (who’ve had success with their internal podcasting initiatives)

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Corporate Podcasting Summit | Podcast Content in the Corporate Context

Now that I’m back from London and had my jet-lag nap, I can finish posting my highlights from the Corporate Podcasting Summit. Here are some notes from an excellent presentation by Nick Saalfeld, Director of Wells Park Communications. His presentation was titled Podcast Content in the Corporate Context.

  • Interviews will trump a “presidential address” any day. Interview the CEO rather than having him just speak into a mic.
  • Don’t worry about professional spokespeople. Dig out the local talent in your organization. Customers want to scratch beneath the surface. It feels good to be “let in”.

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CES Panel Recording | The Right Way to Use Podcasting for Marketing

I’ve neglected letting you know that you can listen to a recording of the panel I participated in at the CES conference last month. Participants included Tim Bourquin, Eric Schwartzman, Wing Yu and Michael Geoghegan. We talked about how to use podcasting for business and marketing.

Eric recorded the session on his iRiver and posted it to his blog/podcast where you can listen to it. If you’re into PR, Eric’s podcast provides very interesting content.