First Ever Mastering New Media Live Podcast

Today I recorded the first ever live broadcast of my podcast. This is the kick off of a new strategy that I mentioned recently.

On this episode we talked more about the Laws of Magnetism and how to use them to attract new customers to your business. The audio version for the podcast feed will be posted early next week.

I plan set a regular schedule for doing live broadcasts more in the future. Watch the recording of today’s podcast below.

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My Proven Six-Figure Sales Funnel: Podcasting + Membership Sites

membercon-slideRecently I was interviewed by Tim Bourquin, founder of the New Media Expo, about how I make money using podcasting to driving traffic to membership sites.

Last year Tim sold the New Media Expo to BlogWorld Expo. Since then I’ve had my eyes open for his next move. He’s always got a keen mind when it comes to business and new media. His new site is MemberCon: Membership Site Tips, Tricks and Secrets.

Catch the interview with me here (19m30s). During the interview I share several specific tips about my new media strategies, sales funnel and membership site business model.

I really like how Tim has made multiple media available for consuming the content including: audio for download, streaming video with slide deck and transcripts. It’s always a great idea to offer as many formats as your resources will allow.

How to Create a Six-Figure Business, Even in a Recession

Six Figure Money Map VideoI’ve just recorded a short video that lays out the exact business model that I have used (and seen many others use) to create a six-figure business using new media.

In this short video you’ll discover…

  • The two secret marketing weapons that have made me more money than anything else in the last four years
  • How to get a pay raise from your business every month, even in a recession
  • How to get $4000 of training to walk you through this money map for free
  • Why most businesses fall short or even totally fail with their sales process
  • How to launch a product that your customers will scramble to buy

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Tom Peters: The Best D@*^ Marketing Tool


It goes without saying that Tom Peters and Seth Godin are amongst today’s most respected business leaders. In a recent forum for business owners, they talked about a number of interesting topics including online marketing.

I just watched a brief video clip (1 m 37 s) where they shared impassioned thoughts about what they consider to be the most powerful marketing tool available to businesses today. What is this tool? [Read more…]