Product Launch Webinar Replay (Limited Time Only)

webinar-recordingLast night’s webinar with Jeff Walker was a lot of fun. He really dished out some awesome tidbits of marketing wisdom. We’ve been hearing great feedback.

We had way more questions come in than we had time to answer live on the show, but I made sure to get back to as many people as possible through the live chat as I could.

For a limited time you can watch the recording of the webinar here.

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The Get PAID Business Model for Making Money with New Media

Get Paid

They say that the best business plans can be written on a napkin. This afternoon I decided to boil my business model down to four basic steps. While I didn’t write it on a napkin, it’s still simple enough that a four-letter acronym describes it — P.A.I.D.

Using the word “paid” works out nicely since in every episode of my podcast I invite you to engage your market and “get paid.” So, here it is. The four-step business model that I use to launch six-figure businesses using new media.

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What Do Podcasters Desire Most? Survey Reveals Fascinating Results

Reaching for the dangling carrotSurvey Says

A while back I sent out a survey to the community to find out what podcast producers wanted to learn about most. I was intrigued by how things had changed since 2005 when I first started podcast consulting. The results also offer some very important insights for your own podcast.

In the survey I had podcast producers rate a number of topics on a scale of 1 (not at all interested) to 5 (extremely interested). The following is a list of the top three most highly rated topics followed by the percentage of respondents that indicated they were either extremely interested (rating of 5) or very interested (rating of 4) in the topic. [Read more…]

If You Want to Start Making Real Money, Then Stop Being a Podcaster

Stop SignI’ve had podcast monetization buzzing around in my head this week and I’ve come to a conclusion. If you want to start making real money, then stop being a podcaster.

Is there deliberate shock value in that statement? Sure. But it’s incredibly important to understand what I mean if you’re podcasting and have financial aspirations.

Although my views on podcast monetization have been the same since I published my first podcast, I realized I needed to be clearer on my communicating my stance when it comes to the whole idea of making money with podcasting.

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