What Do Podcasters Desire Most? Survey Reveals Fascinating Results

Reaching for the dangling carrotSurvey Says

A while back I sent out a survey to the community to find out what podcast producers wanted to learn about most. I was intrigued by how things had changed since 2005 when I first started podcast consulting. The results also offer some very important insights for your own podcast.

In the survey I had podcast producers rate a number of topics on a scale of 1 (not at all interested) to 5 (extremely interested). The following is a list of the top three most highly rated topics followed by the percentage of respondents that indicated they were either extremely interested (rating of 5) or very interested (rating of 4) in the topic. [Read more…]

Is the Resolution of Your Podcast Album Art High Enough (or Does it Look Horrible)?

Podcasting Underground Album ArtEarlier this week I came across some information in Apple’s podcast specs that caught me off guard. I find out my podcast album art looks horrible on Apple TVs! Is yours ready for prime time? This affects both audio and video podcasters. If you want to look top notch…

Make Your Album Art 600×600 Pixels

When I refer to album art I’m talking about the image file indicated in your feed with the <itunes:image> tag. You can see my album art for The Podcasting Underground included in this post. You’re probably using PodPress or FeedBurner to include your art in your feed.

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5 Ways to Get More Search Engine Traffic to Your Podcast

NOTE: This article is cross-posted at the Association for Downloadable Media blog.

Building a loyal audience is the goal of any online media creator. To do this requires a steady stream of new listeners to your content. Search engine traffic is powerful since the visitors are targeted and you incur no cost to bring each one to your site. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of practices for raising the rank of your site and web pages in the search engines for relevant keywords.

Podcasting requires some specific “best practices” to increase the search exposure of your audio, video and RSS content. Here are five tips that are sure to increase your traffic. [Read more…]

Get More Reviews in iTunes

iTunes ReviewsPositive reviews in iTunes are important for getting increased exposure and attracting more subscribers from their directory. How would you like to get some more?
From my experience, positive reviews appear to contribute to increasing:

  • The rank of your podcast
  • How high up you appear in search results and featured podcast listings
  • Your popularity rating in search listings
  • The chance that you will be noticed by the iTunes podcast editorial team to get featured

For Internet Business Mastery we ran a campaign over a month (through two episodes and an issue of our email newsletter) where we asked our listeners to review us in iTunes if they found the our content helpful. We also told them we had a goal to achieve fifty reviews.

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