I’d Love to Meet You in Las Vegas

150pxLater this month I’m speaking at BlogWorld Expo. I’m looking forward to seeing lots of new media friends and making new ones.

There are lots learning opportunities at an event like this, but more important are the networking opportunities. I’ll be putting together a breakfast meetup and would love to see you there.

I speak on Friday at 12:45pm in room 232. The topic is How to Build a Large and Loyal Audience with Podcasting. You can still get tickets here. Shoot me an email and let me know if you’ll be there (jason AT jasonvanorden DOT com).

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The Magic Triad Has Been Chosen for New Media Expo 2008

The Magic TriadI’m pleased to announce that my proposal to present The Magic Triad at New Media Expo 2008 has been accepted. I am one of 52 speakers chosen. I’m excited to see who else will be presenting. They always have a stellar line-up.

Apparently this year there were 700 proposals sent in, more than any previous year. In addition, it was even harder for them to choose since all panels have been removed and only presentations by a single person are being scheduled–providing fewer available slots.

Between now and August I plan to flesh out some of the topic here on the blog to get your input and collect examples. Of course, to hear the whole thing you’ll have to attend the event or buy the audio recordings afterwards.

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The Magic Triad | My Proposed Presentation for New Media Expo 2008

This year I’m doing much less speaking for a number of reasons that I won’t go into in this post. The most obvious is that I am living outside of the country for most of the year.

The only time I plan to present in-person this year is at New Media Expo 2008 in Las Vegas (if my proposal is accepted). I’ll save my reasons for cutting down on speaking until another time, but here are the reasons why I DO want to speak at this event.

1. The People

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What Should I Speak About at the New Media Expo?

New Media ExpoLooks like the deadline to submit to speak is this Friday for the New Media Expo. I’ve procrastinated long enough. So, now I turn to you to get your input.

What do you think I should propose to speak about at the 2008 New Media Expo?

In 2006 I spoke about Promoting Your Podcast. In 2007 I spoke about using social media to build buzz and develop your brand.

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Social Media Telesummit Starts This Wednesday

How would you like to learn from top social media experts without having to even leave the comfort of your own home?

All you need is a phone and you can get access to 28 presentations from some of social media’s finest. These are going to be very content-rich expos