New Tool Gives You More Options for Analyzing Your FeedBurner Stats

I love FeedBurner for tracking subscriber stats. I don’t like the limited views for my stats in their dashboard (the last 1, 7 or 30 days or all time). Blog Perfume has released a free tool for charting your FeedBurner stats that offers a few more time period options.

To use it you’ll need to enable the Awareness API for your feed. If you use the Feed Count badge on your site, then Awareness is already enabled.

Keep in mind that enabling Awareness opens up your stats to be used by developers in a tools such as this chart of Top 100 podcasts from If you don’t want to leave your feed stats open to developer scrutiny, you can temporarily enable Awareness, use the Blog Perfume tool and then disable Awareness again.

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How to Upgrade to FeedBurner PRO Stats for Free

How would you like to have FeedBurner PRO stats on your podcast or blog, including daily metrics on how many people have clicked on or viewed an item? Well you can have them and for free.

FeedBurner announced this week that their PRO stats are now free (another benefit from the acquisition by Google). But you need to activate the feature first to get the benefit. Here’s how.

1. Log in to your FeedBurner account

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Download Slides from All Six of My NAB Podcasting Summit Presentations

Below you can download PDF files containing the slides for all six of the presentations I did last weekend in Las Vegas at the National Association of Broadcasting Podcasting Summit. They aren’t the most dynamic slides, so they will have more meaning to those who attended. But you can probably glean some other interesting tidbits of information from them.

Podcasting Metrics

Marketing Your Podcast

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Podcasting’s Dirty Little Secret: Podcast Listenership Hitting a Plateau?

Gartner Hype CycleUPDATE: Podcasting News offers the thought that “podcasting appears to be somewhere between their Peak of Inflated Expectations and their Trough of Disillusionment.”, quoting Gartner’s Hype Cycle.

Earlier this week I reported on statistics from the upcoming Arbitron/Edison Internet and Multimedia 2007 report. Despite a healthy upswing in people who had heard of podcasting (37% up from 22% in 2006), there was only small incremental increase in the number of people who have ever listened to a podcast (13% up from 11% last year). I’d like to offer further insight and information and then get some feedback on this matter.

So what does this mean? I choose to see this as the end of a quick uptake of podcasting by early adopters and the beginning of a hill that needs to be surmounted. There are two things that we need to help us bust through this apparent plateau:

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