Recommended Tools For Your Next Web or Design Project

toolbeltI’m excited to finally have a new design up on my blog. The other design was long past its due, but you know how it can be. You get busy and if something seems to be working you just leave it be while other things seem more important. I’ve finally put together a new look, feel and brand that is a much better fit for what I want to bring to you.

This new design wouldn’t have come together without the help of some excellent freelancers and handy resources that I want to list here with my endorsement.

Logo/Header Design

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From Engineer, to Podcaster, to Argentina Resident | Interview Reveals All

Struggling EntrepreneurRecently Fred Castaneda interviewed me on his podcast for entrepreneurs and grilled me about how I went from being a software engineer, to an internet marketer to a podcaster to a resident of Argentina.

In this interview you’ll find:

  • How I became and branded myself as a podcasting expert
  • How podcasting helped me become and author
  • Why I prefer internet based business for entrepreneurship
  • Why I focus so much on training/teaching in my business
  • What struggles I have faced and how I overcame them
  • How I came to live in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Top lessons I’ve learned along the way

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New Tool Gives You More Options for Analyzing Your FeedBurner Stats

I love FeedBurner for tracking subscriber stats. I don’t like the limited views for my stats in their dashboard (the last 1, 7 or 30 days or all time). Blog Perfume has released a free tool for charting your FeedBurner stats that offers a few more time period options.

To use it you’ll need to enable the Awareness API for your feed. If you use the Feed Count badge on your site, then Awareness is already enabled.

Keep in mind that enabling Awareness opens up your stats to be used by developers in a tools such as this chart of Top 100 podcasts from If you don’t want to leave your feed stats open to developer scrutiny, you can temporarily enable Awareness, use the Blog Perfume tool and then disable Awareness again.

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Regular Blog Posts from the Association for Downloadable Media

A couple weeks ago I set up a new site and blog for the Association for the Downloadable Media. Since the launch several of the founding members of the ADM have been blogging on an almost daily basis. You should take a look since there’s some interesting content from a variety of interesting people involved in podcasting.

Here are three posts that I especially recommend.

The Importance of an Insertion Order | by Susan Bratton

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