MNM Interview | Lisa Louise Cooke: Hobbyist Turned National Expert through Leveraging New Media

genpodcastlogoOn this special episode of Mastering New Media you’ll hear an interview with a genealogy enthusiast that turned her passion into multiple income streams by leveraging new media.

It’s a case study of a hobbyist who’s now become a nationally recognized expert, a professional author and speaker. Lisa Louise Cook of the Genealogy Gems Podcast shares valuable numerous insights that you can put into action right away to make this happen for you, too.

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In This Episode…

  • The fortuitous birthday gift that changed Lisa’s life
  • How to create multiple streams of income from your new media content
  • The traditional communication channel that was KEY to Lisa’s early success
  • How to find your market in Facebook
  • How to most effectively leverage a Facebook Fan Page to engage your market
  • How podcasting led to Lisa’s dream Caribbean vacation

Items Mentioned in This Episode


Take Action

Choose one of the following strategies, mentioned by Lisa in the interview, to implement right away in your own business

  • Start a Facebook Fan Page and automatically syndicate your blog/podcast content there
  • Sign up for an email list management service and start building your enewsletter list.
  • Start a premium membership area on your site to create an income stream from your content

What Do You Think?

  • What was the most valuable insight that you got from this  interview?

I’d love to hear yout thoughts in the comments below.


  1. says

    Lisa is not only an excellent podcast host in a smart niche, but she’s a masterful show promoter. She leverages her relationships to create great sponsorships. And she’s a great guest on other people’s shows, like Jason’s, Ariane de Bonvoisin of First30Days.
    Kudos to Lisa for typifying all the talents it takes to be a top rate podcaster.
    Susan Bratton
    Host of DishyMix: Success Secrets From Famous Media and Internet Executives

  2. says

    An excellent interview. Very upbeat as well as informing. I was able to walk away learning a few tips myself, and that’s what it’s all about. Great job Jason & Lisa!

  3. says

    Hi Jason
    a really interesting interveiw- considering I am not intereted in Geneaology – Lisa mentioned about an e newsletter and the content management system she uses- do you have the name of that?

    And like Lisa you are the first person I listened to and am following to get my first podcast on my blog- incidently what plugin and other tools, do I need to get my podcast on my blog?


    Elaine Bothwell

  4. Jason Van Orden says


    Here is the email list manager that I use:

    Your second question is much more involved. If you sign up for PLF and get my Professional Podcasting Course, it goes into all of that in detail.

    I’ll also been talking about that over time in my upcoming New Media Mastermind membership site.

    The quick answer is: WordPress + FeedBurner + Audio Player Plugin.

  5. says

    Hi Jason (and Lisa)!

    Great podcast. So I have just a couple questions for either of you:

    -Lisa said she does a topic search for friends on Facebook. Where is this feature? Is this only if you have a “business” Facebook page, or can you do it with just your normal person Facebook profile?

    -How does Lisa set-up Facebook to recommend friends to her who might be interested in genealogy?

    -How does Lisa set-up an auto-reply on Facebook to welcome friends with a special message, such as a link to her blog?


  6. says

    Hi Ben,
    Glad you liked the interview. Here’s what I do gain friend connections on Facebook:

    From Profile page, click on the “Friends” link at the top of Facebook

    Right above the “Search Friends” box you will see a link that says “Find People You Know on Facebook” – click on that

    Look under the “Suggestions” heading You will probably see many suggested friends. I find that these folks usually have “Mutual Friends” with me. And that’s usually because they share an interest in family history (in my case)

    Click on a person and a small box will pop up for them which will tell you if you have mutual friends. The more mutual friends the better the match.

    If you want to add them, click “Add this friend.” The box will revise itself and you will see an option to add a message. I usually do – something like “I see that we have friends and an interest in genealogy in common!” just to let them know why I’m making the connection.

    Click “Add Friend”

    This works really well in the genealogy community because family historians are using Facebook as a sort of community center. If this is the case in your industry, it should give you good results.

    If you’re not finding that the system gives you good results, try joining some “Facebook Fan Pages” that relate to your industry, and then try it again. The easiest way to do that is to type a key word (ex. NUTRITION) in the Search box and Nutrition related fan pages will come up.

    I have a short reply typed on a stickie note on my iGoogle homepage that includes my fan page address. Each time I get an email saying someone confirmed my friend request, I click the link in the email, go to their wall, and paste the welcome message, customizing their name. It takes a few moments but a listener will hopefully last forever if they like what I do on the podcast. I do a cut and paste simple so I don’t have to retype the web address. And I always reply to any responses I receive.

    If you have any social media tips I’d love to hear them. Always looking for new ideas! You can contact me through my website.

    All the best, Lisa

  7. says

    Hi Elaine,
    To answer your question, I use Constant Contact for my e-newsletter, and I’ve been really happy with it. They are very customer service and education oriented, and continue to add valuable features.
    Best, Lisa