MNM 02 | How to Get Your Market to Take Action

clapper-actionIf you’re creating online content, then it’s safe to assume two things: you’re trying to reach a specific target market and there’s a particular action (or set of actions) that you want them to take. This is usually to buy, but could also include to rate, review, vote, subscribe, click, donate, etc.

So how do you get your market to act? Many businesses either struggle too hard to do this or fail at it all together. The good news is that the solution is quite simple. It will transform your marketing and sales process from being a chore into a fulfilling, successful and even fun online venture. This solution is the focus of this episode.

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MNM 01 | What’s the #1 Asset Your Business Can Have? (or The Secret to Unprecedented Success)

number-oneWelcome to the premier episode of Mastering New Media. The launch of this new show, along with the new branding and content on this blog, represent an important shift in the content and tips that I plan to deliver to small business owners and entrepreneurs like you.

Over the last couple years I have seen amazing transformations take place in my life and business as well as those of numerous colleagues. I’ve seen their incomes rocket despite the fact that many of them have reduced their workload. I’ve seen them become authors, speakers and even celebrities. I’ve seen them quit jobs they no longer enjoyed so they could pursue their true passion.

In each of these cases there are consistent principles that have brought them unprecedented success and fulfillment. In this episode I trace the source of this success back to the a common asset that each of them has built for their business.

Then I present the most effective and powerful tool set that you can use for putting this into action in your own life and business.

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