Podcast & Book Recommendation | 43 Folders & Getting Things Done

Between maintaining this blog, three podcasts, speaking gigs, consulting and other business pursuits, I sometimes think I’ll go mad for the fact that I can never get done as much as I would like to. I hate feeling like opportunities and ideas are slipping by or escaping me. Well…recently an excellent blog/podcast and book came to the rescue.

Charles Stricklin, of The WordPress Podcast, recently pointed me to the 43 Folders blog and podcast. I love it! There’s lots of useful stuff there. Merlin Mann, the host, just finished a series with David Allen, author of the bestselling book on stress-free productivity, Getting Things Done. Besides the great tips, there are several other things I like about the podcast:

  • It’s short, sweet and to the point
  • The content is extremely useful
  • The interview was broken into a series that kept me coming back
  • The author/expert/interviewee was not afraid to deliver value up front for free
  • It literally drove me to take action (I bought the book the day after listening) 

At the risk of seeming overly effusive, when I read/listen to David Allen it’s like he’s in my head. He says what I needed to hear. I just finished the book and plan to implement his ideas right away. It’s all about getting things out of your head and in to a dependable system. It’s about managing your ideas well.

It’s not just about feeling good about what you choose to do with your time, but to also feel good about what you aren’t doing. That’s really good for me because I hate to feel like an idea or opportunity is escaping me.

As podcasting matures, workflow and efficiency will become more and more important. I look forward to more sophisticated tools that will streamline the process. But I’m always looking for tips to take general my productivity to the next level. 43 Folders and Getting Things Done do exactly that. Click on the pic to check it out:

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity


  1. says

    Jason you forgot to mention one other thing about Merlin. He might as well be the twin brother to Jim Carey; He is one funny young man. He also co-hosts MacBreakWeekly with me (and Leo Laporte as well as Alex Lindsay) and I tell you he cracks me up. He’s VERY fast on his feet and a smart guy too.

  2. Jason Van Orden says

    When it comes to podcasting…entertaining the audience is just as important as informing them. Merlin certainly has a personality that enhances his personal brand.