For a limited time, Melanie and I have discounted our most popular consulting services to raise money to reunite immigrant children with their parents.

We’ve been heartbroken by the stories of children separated from their families. So we came up with a way that we can donate more cash to help them right now.

Here’s How it Works

  • You save 20% when you book one of our most popular consulting services before the end of the promotion.

  • Start now or in later. Still busy with summer? No problem. Book now to save. Then choose to start now or later this year. This ensures you have a spot to work with us because September is the start of our busiest time of the year.

  • Only five spots are available with each of us at this special rate. This ensures we have enough time to serve all our clients. This opportunity will end when we reach that client limit or on September 1.
  • We donate 10% of the revenue from this promotion to help reunite immigrant children with their parents. See more details about our charity below.

Book Now and Save

If you’re reading this page, you’ve likely already received or requested a proposal from us.

To proceed with booking an engagement, email Melanie or Jason respectively based on who you will be working with.

We’ll update the quote to reflect the savings and your desired start date, which can be right away or anytime before September 1st. 

Then we’ll process your payment and you’ll be all set!

If you haven’t received a proposal yet, take a look at the list of services below, then email us to get an immediate proposal. We’re happy to hop on a call with you if needed.

Strategy and Thought Leadership Consulting Options with Jason

  1. Customer Attraction Messaging and Strategy
    • Boost your visibility, audience growth, and new customer acquisition
    • Update your brand messaging, content marketing strategy, and email sequences to more effectively attract new leads and turn them into buyers
    • Identify holes in your marketing and sales strategy that are costing you money by not moving people effectively towards doing business with you
  2. Sustainable and Scalable Product Offer Strategy
    • Optimize your suite of product offers to generate monthly more consistently and boost the total revenue you earn from each customer
    • Upgrade and optimize how you sell and deliver your products and services to be more sustainable and scalable
    • Align your product and services to better leverage your unique genius and support your income and impact goals
  3. Business Model Assessment
    • I’ll use my 10-point assessment process to assess the most vital parts of your business model to:
      • Ensure your business aligns with and supports your most important goals
      • Find key opportunities you might be overlooking
      • Pinpoint the best path forward to meet your business and thought leadership objectives
      • Identify where your branding, marketing, and sales messaging are out of alignment with what the market is looking for so that you can optimize your messaging to attract more customers and generate a bigger impact

Launch, Funnel, and Email Deliverability Optimization with Melanie

  1. Email Deliverability Audit
    • Slash your spam scores, increase open and click rates, and deliver more emails to inboxes with proven tweaks and systems
    • Boost your inboxing and deliverability rates with the latest strategies and best practices

  2. Sales Funnel Audit
    • Discover holes in your systems where easy revenue is getting lost
    • Boost revenue with simple automations and segmentation
    • Increase conversions, the average value of each order, and customer lifetime value
    • Optimize your checkout process to capture more sales
  3. Infusionsoft Set Up and Data Import
    • Are you ready to move onto Infusionsoft? Melanie has extensive experience setting up Infusionsoft for rapidly-growing businesses.
    • She will set up systems and best practices that will avoid stressful and costly mistakes down the road.

The Charity We’ll Donate To

We’ve carefully chosen Immigrant Families Together, an organization that is having some of the most direct, rapid impact on families by aggressively raising bond funds, transporting released parents to where their children are being held in detention or foster care, and setting them up with housing, living expenses, and free legal aid to get their children released into their custody.

100% of the proceeds go directly to the families that are being reunited. This is an all volunteer-run organization. Miscellaneous operating expenses are covered by donors who wish to remain anonymous and the general Go Fund Me account fund for the organization.

Here’s some language off of the Immigrant Families Together website explaining why we are donating to them instead of the equally awesome RAICES organization.

“Wait, didn’t RAICES just go to Washington DC with a $20 million check to bail everyone out?”

“Yes. And it was denied. RAICES is doing amazing and important work and we are huge fans and supporters of all that they are doing. While RAICES continues to work on a grand scale we are focusing on one family at a time. Focusing on individuals allows us to not only post bond, but provide housing, transportation, pro bono and any other forms of individual support that each case may need. In the long run we are all fighting for the same end goal: to empty these facilities, reunite these parents with their children, and help repair the enormous trauma our country has perpetrated against these families who came here seeking a safer, better life.”