Quickly Gain Total Clarity About the Best Path Forward for Your Business with a Laser-Focused and Customized Strategic Assessment, Breakthrough Call, and Action Plan

(Only 10 Spots Available for a Limited Time)

For the first time ever, you can now tap into the same strategic assessment process I use to get fast results with my highest-paying clients without spending $5000 — in fact, not even close to that much.

If you need outside perspective, new clarity, and a plan for taking your business and brand to the next level, then this is for you.

You can be one of ten people that goes through the strategic assessment and breakthrough call that I do first with every client to get a big win and major momentum quickly.

This is a set process that I can do very efficiently, but that delivers very customized insights and action steps for you.

Previously, you had to commit to a minimum of three months and $5000 to work with me to go through this breakthrough process.

I’m offering ten 2019 Business Growth Action Plan consulting spots for a limited time at a much lower investment than you would usually need to make to work with me.

Why would I do that?

First, the new year is right around the corner and now is the perfect time for me to help you know how you will reach your most important goals

But for myself, it’s market research. I’ll learn a ton about what business owners and thought leaders need right now by doing these assessments.

But also, I love seeing the look on your face when we land on the exact thing you need to reach your most important goals.

Sound interesting? Take a look at the following details, then book your session at the bottom of this page.

A Potent Shot in the Arm of Clarity, Confidence, and New Business Growth

The goal of the strategy assessment, our call, and the strategic plan we’ll create is to give you total clarity about the best path forward for your business and remove major obstacles that might get in the way so that you can.

  • Grow your audience by sharing and doing what is most fulfilling and unique to you
  • Gain more clients and customers in a way that feels authentic
  • Craft your message to stand out and communicate your genius in a resonant way
  • Generate income that is more consistent, scalable, and sustainable
  • Create an aligned strategic plan that honors what is important to you and doesn’t just follow someone else’s formula
  • Align your business to better support and leverage your vision, values, and unique genius

That might sound like a lot of things that we can impact from one strategy session. We might not hit all of them. But I’ve found that typically there are a couple key issues or tweaks that, when attended to, unlock growth and opportunity in every aspect of your brand and business.

This is for you if…

…you are an established entrepreneur and/or thought leader and any of the following resonate with you.

  • You feel unclear about what’s next in your business and the best way to make it happen
  • You know you are ready for bigger things with your business and brand but feel stuck getting there
  • You want outside perspective to help you identify the things you might be missing because you are too close to your own business
  • You have so a ton of opportunities, ideas, and assets, but are unclear about how to tie it all together to get the greatest results and make the biggest impact

This is how it works…

  1. Book a call time
    1. Between now and January 31
  2. Fill out the strategy assessment
    1. This gives me the info I need so that we get to solutions and specific next actions quickly on the call
  3. Attend the call
    1. I may have a few more clarifying questions for you
    2. Then we’ll dive into discussing my recommendations
    3. You can ask any questions you have as well
  4. Receive a Strategy Action Plan and a recording of our call
    1. I’ll send you a report that summarizes the insights, recommendations, and suggested actions from our call
  5. Take action and see an ROI

Gain Insights and See Results Immediately

I’ll immediately send you my strategic assessment to fill out. Many clients tell me that just this process alone gives them a new sense of calm, clarity, and focus.

Then, we can do our call right away or anytime before January 31. You’ll book a time on my calendar that works best for you.

Keep in mind, I’ve set aside a limited number of time blocks for these sessions. They are booked on a first come, first served basis.

Here’s what you get with your Breakthrough Session

As a result of your strategy call with me, you’ll get a report that contains:

  • Strategy Assessment. I’ve carefully created an assessment over the years that I use with every client. You’ll fill this out, then I’ll look it over to quickly identify key issues, biggest opportunities, and the best path forward for you and your business.
  • 60-Minute Strategy Call. Thanks to the strategic assessment, we can get a lot done in this time because I’ll already be up to speed and have done an analysis on the info you’ve sent to me.
  • 2 Weeks Follow Up Email Consulting Access. So you can get any clarification, further answers to questions, or feedback as you start implementing the strategic plan we created during our session.
  • Action Plan. Specific recommendations of things actions to take, things to focus on, and possibly things to let go of so that you can reach your most important goals and overcome your biggest challenges as fast as possible.
  • Marketing and Sales Copy. (If applicable,) I’ll give you specific language to use in your copy and messaging to gain more attention and attract more customers.
  • Resources and Recommendations. A list of any resources and recommended service providers that will help accelerate your results.
  • Connection/Introductions. If appropriate, I’ll list anyone I can connect you with from my personal network to help accelerate your goals. This will be at my discretion as I’ve worked hard to build my network and reputation and am very careful with my relationships.
  • Unique Genius Guide and Case Study. I’ll also send you a guide that shares with you a process I’ve refined for over five years to help my clients uncover new levels of their unique genius so that they can leverage it to get greater results and fulfillment in their business. This includes a real-world recording with a client about her unique genius to give you insights about your own.

Proven Experience and Results Since 2005

Here’s some more about my experience so you can invest with confidence.

  • I have 13 years of experience as a marketer and entrepreneur.
  • I’ve worked with and trained over 7000 entrepreneurs
  • Many of my students have built very successful businesses and have become top authors, bloggers, podcasters and speakers in their field.
  • I’ve created and grown multiple successful businesses and brands of my own
  • I co-founded and ran one of the most profitable business podcasts on iTunes for 11 years
  • I’ve generated millions of dollars in sales of courses and services on the Internet
  • I’ve launched more than sixty online courses and programs

My 100% money back guarantee…

My priority is to help you realize your vision, generate greater impact, and grow your income in a way that best fits your unique goals, values, and strengths.

However, If I’m not able to give you specific recommendations and feedback that you feel are worth far more than the amount you’ve invested, I’ll refund your money or hop on another call with you. It’s your choice. No questions asked. Just let me know within 48 hours of our call.

Only 10 Spots Available

I’ve only set aside enough time in my schedule to do ten of these calls. I need to reserve time for my current clients and other projects.

As soon as the spots are sold out, I will update this page to indicate the offer is closed.

Time slots are on a first come, first served basis.

Let’s Get Started Generating Your Next Big Breakthrough

To reserve your spot, get immediate access to the assessment questionnaire, and book your strategy call, click the button below.

The investment for your Breakthrough Session is $500. That’s one-tenth of what my clients usually have to invest (minimum) to work with me.

Securely submit payment on the next page through Paypal. Then you’ll be taken to my calendar to book a time. If you’d like to book a time later, that’s fine as well. You have until January 31.

I’ll be in touch right away with details about our next steps.

FAQ: Will I just end up getting formulaic feedback and a canned set of strategies?

Absolutely not.

“Frameworks over formulas.” This is something I say all the time to my clients. Your business, vision, values, and strengths are unique. Your business and strategy need to align with what I call your “authentic best self.”

I see far too many formulas being sold online as sexy, shiny solutions to all your business problems, but it just doesn’t work that way.

Formulas only get you so far. What you need is a framework built on proven principles. Then we apply everything that is most important to you to find strategies and solutions that will bring you the most fulfillment, impact, growth, alignment, and legacy.

FAQ: How can you offer these sessions at lower than your usual hourly rate?

You might be wondering why I’m offering one-off sessions like this when my usual client engagements are three months minimum starting at $5000.

Three reasons…

  1. Fulfillment. I love watching entrepreneurs light up when a breakthrough hits them in the middle of our calls.
  2. Unique Genius. I’ve learned this kind of work is squarely in my unique genius. My brain is wired to quickly assess the best path forward for someone based on their goals and needs and then point them to the resources or connections they need most.
  3. Market Research. By doing a lot of these strategy assessments in a short amount of time, I quickly get a feel for the problems entrepreneurs are having most