While we’re all feeling beaten down by everything going on in the world right now, we can keep taking one step forward at a time.

When you’re feeling beaten down and are tempted to give up…

I lay in my bed staring at the ceiling, feeling crushed. Not a single cell in my body wanted to get out of bed.

I’d put everything I had into finding the right apartment in Brooklyn by August 1 when I needed to move and now all hope of making that happen had been dashed.

It was now July 29. The day before, I’d found out I didn’t get the apartment I had my heart set on. The landlord strung the application process along for a week just to choose someone else in the end. They’d received numerous applications and chose someone else.

(Getting an apartment in NYC is akin to putting an offer on a house and going through the process of applying for a loan).

Who’d have thought there would be so many people looking for apartments to move into during COVID?

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What to do when nobody seems to care about your message

I paced back and forth on the rooftop of my building.

(I mean, what else are you going to do when you need a change of scenery for work and all the coffee shops are still take-out only?)

On the other end of the call, a colleague was passionately explaining to me the message she felt driven to share with the world.

“There’s only one problem,” she finished.

“Nobody seems to care enough to listen to why their mind-gut connection is so important. It’s like I’m pulling teeth to get anyone’s attention. Am I just wasting my time?”

I quickly let her know she wasn’t wasting her time. She just needed to make one simple shift in the way she shared her message.

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Can you imagine if Maya Angelou had given in to that voice and kept silent? How many people would have never been inspired by her words and actions?

The one about Maya Angelou feeling like a fraud

I’m worried I don’t have the credibility or credentials to help people the way I want to.
What if I do more harm than good?
I’m afraid I’ll be criticized.

I hear statements like this regularly from clients, even ones who have experience and credentials coming out of their ears (not too mention hearing these things at times in my own head).

At the root of this concern is a mix of thoughtfulness and humility (healthy and helpful) and Impostor Syndrome (not so helpful).

It’s good to be humble and teachable. As I wrote in a Facebook Group this past week: “A coach that is not teachable is dangerous.” (This was in response to a number of popular, influential leaders who have done a good deal of harm lately by not knowing when and how to listen and learn.)

On the other hand, Impostor Syndrome hinders us because it is a pattern of doubting our experience, accomplishments, and abilities that leads to a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud,” all of this despite evidence to the contrary.

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Income Streams - Jar of Coins

Creating New Income Streams Quickly (A Case Study)

“I’m afraid we’re going to have to postpone indefinitely.”

This was the first of many calls that my friend and client, Alexandra, would get in a 48-hour period resulting in a 40% loss of immediate income.

This was the day it became clear coronavirus was taking hold of New York City.

As a freelance teacher, mentor, coach, and choreographer, she could no longer do her in-person gigs.

It was a moment of concern and even a little panic.

What she didn’t know yet was that within three weeks she would manage to replace the money she lost, establish new online income streams that would continue even after quarantine, and fortify her business against future downturns.

In this episode, I interview Alexandra about what she did to make it happen.

In This Episode

  • How my client replaced 40% of her income after losing it due to the coronavirus quarantine
  • How she was able to quickly launch three new successful streams of online income in just three weeks

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Let's take a look at the three things I see to derail course creators the most, keeping them from years of opportunity to generate more impact and income.

3 Common Online Course Launch Mistakes

Let’s take a look at the three things I see to derail course creators the most, keeping them from years of opportunity to generate more impact and income.

MISTAKE #1: Spending Months Creating Content Before You Know the Course Will Sell

SOLUTION: Sell a pilot before you create the course

In my recent emails, I’ve shared with you know how you can sell a new course before you create any content and without setting up a course web site.

This is THE best way to avoid creating something that either nobody wants or that doesn’t get the results your students desire. Read more