What the U.S. Elections Mean for You, the Influencer and Marketer

Despite the title of this post, my purpose in posting this is not political. Also, it contains relevant lessons for your business and brand whether you live in the U.S. or elsewhere.

I deliberated as to whether or not I should acknowledge the election results in my content, but then I remembered one of the most important pieces of marketing and influence advice ever given.

More on that below…

There are three vital lessons we can pull from the U.S. elections this week. Each of them provides insight and opportunities for you to have a greater impact with your work.

Lesson One: Always enter the conversation already going on in the mind of your customer

This is some of the most important advice you can follow when it comes to marketing and influence. It comes from Robert Collier, renowned copywriter and personal development thought leader in the early 20th century.

The better you understand the thoughts and feelings of your intended audience, and the better you can join them in and communicate those things back to them, the more likely they will be to give you their attention and, with time, trust your leadership.

One of the most powerful ways that we connect as human beings is through shared meaning and common experiences, whether it’s pop culture, cultural traditions, common values or current events. This gives us the feeling of togetherness and belonging that we all need. It helps us feel like we are “all in this together.”

At this moment the world is flooded with the effects and shared experience of the U.S. elections. Emotions are running high. People have a lot of hopes, expectations, and fears right now.

This *IS* the conversation already going on in the mind of the world (and therefore your audience). Speaking to this experience, in whatever way is appropriate to your audience and message, is an invaluable opportunity to connect, gain trust and lead.

Watch for these opportunities in the future, big or small.

You don’t have to be polarizing or share every opinion (though that’s fine if you do), but you MUST be continually aware of the factors that affect the “conversation” in the mind of your intended audience every day.

Lesson Two: Never Forget That You Get to Vote Every Day

We are so fortunate to live in a time when we can share our voice readily and frequently through the Internet and “vote” every day for the kind of world we want to live in.

This week has shown us how many people are desperate to have their voice heard — whether that was in the voting booth on Tuesday or in street protest and other responses since.

Others have are already looking forward to the next time they get to vote and voice their will in future elections.

It’s renewed and amplified my gratitude to have the opportunity to share my voice readily and frequently on the Internet. Each of us has the ability to create and grow a platform thanks to the Internet and the amazing media channels that it enables.

As a self-made influencer on the Internet, you have the opportunity to be heard and “vote” for the future you want with every email you send, piece of content you publish, and training you create.

Lesson Three: The World is Calling You to Action

This election process and its aftermath have reaffirmed how many pains and problems there are to solve in this world. The world needs your voice more than ever. No idea or message is too small.

Whether you’re showing people to eat healthier food, grow their business, further their career, or take on a new hobby…

By growing your platform, influence, and income, you increase your capacity to impact the world we live in.

And that’s not limited to the market/niche that you operate within. You can promote causes. You can donate a percentage of profits to organizations that matter to you and your audience.

So whether your reaction to this week is excitement, devastation, confusion or indifference, let’s harness the energy in the air to renew our commitment to do the work that we feel driven to do.

Which of These Three Things is Limiting Your Business Growth?

“Why isn’t my business growing as fast as I’d like?”

This is essentially the primary question I get from my clients. It might not be in those exact words. In fact, the thing they initially come to me for is typically a symptom of another underlying problem. The good news is the core problem or problems are typically easy to identify if you know where to look.

In order to find the biggest opportunity for growth in my clients’ businesses, I start by getting a clear picture of their business in three areas.

I call this the success trifecta. If one or more of these things is lacking, your progress and growth will slow or even stall completely.

And in my experience, there are always things to be done in each of these area to immediately generate more growth and income. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or already making seven figures a  year. But we all need that outside perspective at times to uncover the missing link.

In this post, I’ll outline the Success Trifecta for you. Then, I’d like to give you an opportunity to apply for a FREE strategy call with me to discuss find the your fastest path to faster growth along with a few simple tweaks that will immediate accelerate your results.

The Success Trifecta

In twelve years of helping influencers grow their businesses, I’ve found that a lack of growth always comes down to one of three things (it doesn’t matter if you are just getting started or you already are making seven figures).

To accelerate growth, you have to identify which of these three is the biggest sticking point and/or greatest opportunity for growth, then make key tweaks to unlock a new level of progress and results.


If you don’t have a clear vision about what you want to accomplish, you won’t be able to take deliberate, focused actions that lead to your desired outcomes.

I always make sure that my clients and I start with a crystal clear picture of the life, business, and impact that will bring them the greatest momentum, fulfillment and growth — now and in the future.

Questions to ask:

  • Do you know what you want things to look like three years from now?
  • Have you planned milestones to get you there?
  • Do you know what your one or two most important objectives are this quarter? this year?
  • Are you clear on what you need in the present in order to stay focused and maintain momentum?

This goes beyond your basic “vision board”-type exercises. I find that a lot of people set lofty goals, but fail to consider how that vision contributes to creative, momentum and motivation in the present. This also relates to mindset, since our mindset directly impacts our ability to be creative and see possibilities.


If you’re executing on the strategies that are ill-fitted to your vision, values, strengths or present circumstances, you’ll experience lackluster results, frustration and overwhelm.

Even worse, if you’re chasing tactics without a clear strategy, you’re burning your limited resources without commensurate payoff.

Questions to ask:

  • Are you chasing tactics or do you have a clear strategy to guide your daily actions?
  • Have you limited yourself to pursuing just one or two primary strategies over the next 90 days?
  • If you have a clear strategy, is it working? Are you confident in it?
  • Is your strategy the right fit for you and your vision?
  • Do you frequently switch strategies before you get results, create systems and outline procedures?

3) Lack of Frequent and Focused EXECUTION

To succeed faster and more frequently you have to take consistent and deliberate action. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of either not taking enough action or taking action on too many things at once.

The former will erode your confidence and keep you stuck, the latter leads to overwhelm and burnout.

Questions to ask:

  • Are you progressing daily towards your most important objectives?
  • Are you clear on what metrics you can measure today in order to predict your future results?
  • Are you measuring those key metrics?
  • Do you have systems and routines to keep you focused and operating at peak performance?
  • Are you overwhelmed or overloaded?

A Lack of Clarity and Confidence Cost You Daily

VISION, STRATEGY and EXECUTION are the success trifecta when it comes to growing your income and impact.

It comes down to this.

The results you reap a three months or a year from now are a direct reflection of your vision, strategy and execution today.

You can’t afford another day to pass without confidence and clarity about your vision, strategy and execution.  It costs you fulfillment, impact and income.

Whatever it takes to get clear in these three areas, that is your priority. My hope is that simply being aware of these three areas will help you identify where you can make the most progress right away.

If you’d like additional perspective, I’d love to help you get clear in all three areas. So here’s what I propose.

Limited Spots for Free Strategy Calls with Me

Each month I open a limited number of slots reserved next week for free 30-minute, one-on-one strategy calls.

Yes, it’s FREE even though I normally charge up to $1000 an hour for consulting.

So, what’s the catch?

Well, there are two things.

FIRST, because I have a limited number of slots, there is a short application you need to fill in to qualify. This helps me ensure that it’s the right fit and that we get the most from our time.

Also, the information you give me in the application helps me to quickly laser in on your biggest opportunity for growth.

In order to qualify for a call, you must have:

  • A business where you are building a personal brand as an influencer
  • An email list that is growing consistently
  • Consistent monthly income from your business

SECOND, if I see an opportunity for us to work together more long-term, and you are interested, we’ll talk about that as well. But my primary goal is for you to walk away from the call with new clarity and confidence as well as actionable advice no matter what.

Sound good? So if you’d like a free strategy call with me, apply here now.

I’ll review the applications in the order they come into book available spots. Once the slots fill up, that’s it.

I look forward to chatting.

The Influencer’s Toolkit: 7 Essentials for Changing the World

Imagine hundreds, thousands or millions of lives blessed by your story.

Imagine your message spread far and wide.

Imagine consistently producing ideas that improve the world.

Imagine all the good that you will do.

The world needs you to fully amplify your creative work. I want to help you do that.

And when I say creative work I mean any…

  • Thought
  • Story
  • Idea
  • Or piece of content

…that you have or will share with another person.

We all have creative work in us.

There’s never been a better time to make your mark on the world.

The Internet and mobile technology give you an unprecedented ability to get attention, share your message and make an impact.

How to Change the World

For the last ten years, I’ve worked with entrepreneurs, content creators and thought leaders to help them build an online presence.

Each of them started with a desire to change their life and change the world.

I’ve seen a mother from Austin, Texas save a baby’s life in Oman, participate in leading research and get published in professional journals just because she had the courage to share her own experience of enduring a high-risk pregnancy.

I’ve seen a pediatric doctor turn one of his biggest failures into a thriving non-profit in India and a six-figure business.

I’ve seen one woman use her story of losing 170 pounds into a thriving community of other men and women dedicated to reclaiming their own health and happiness.

The story inside of you is your greatest asset for changing the world.

In a moment, I’ll share seven tools that you’ll need in order to influence others and change the world.

First, I have a confession…
Read more