Cut Through the B.S. and Uncover  the Highest-ROI Activity That Will Accelerate Your Business Growth

Plus Get Clear and Confident About How to Make Your Top Goals Inevitable with a Personalized Strategic Plan

The pandemic has created a period of immense change that's creating huge opportunities to grow your business if you know how to leverage them.

There have been rapid shifts in in the marketplace. Buyers' needs are shifting. The way we do business is evolving at breakneck speed. What worked yesterday won't work tomorrow. So more than ever, your business needs a strategy for growth as the landscape continues to evolve.

For those who prepare and have a solid strategic plan for growth, an inflection point is also a time of immense opportunity.

"A strategic inflection point is a time in the life of a business when its fundamentals are about to change. That change can mean an opportunity to rise to new heights."

-- Andy S. Grove, Co-Founder, Intel

This raises the question, why have some businesses been booming while others have been struggling. What are the businesses that are growing rapidly doing differently?


Do you know the thing you need to focus on to spark new income growth and reach your top goals for the last half of 2021?

400% Growth During a Recession...You Can Do it Too

My partner in my former company and I back when baggy jeans were clearly still in style

In 2008, at the start of the recession, I was the co-owner of a company that produced online education for entrepreneurs. As you probably remember, the 2008 recession is when the real estate market bubble burst and people everywhere were tightening their spending. It felt very similar to what we've been experiencing during the pandemic.

Like many business owners, we were concerned about the future of our business. We had been making steady money, but our growth had stalled. We knew if we kept going as we had been, it would mean a slow death for the business. 

At the same time, we could sense that the recession would also provide opportunities to serve our market in new ways. We just needed to find the right idea to ensure the stability and future of our business. With a mix of worry and optimism, we got to work to create the next evolution of our business. 

The first thing we did was an honest assessment of our business. We had been so busy creating content, serving clients, and other day-to-day activities that we had lost sight of the business's overall health.

We looked at the numbers, reconnected with our vision, looked for the places where there was friction and where there was ease. We realized that our income had capped because we couldn't serve any more clients with our current offer.  

It became apparent that we needed to evolve beyond our "fly by the seat of our pants" approach and get more deliberate about our business model.

There were so many ideas about how we could grow our business that we felt overwhelmed trying to decide which one was best. 

We also couldn't shake the feeling that there were other things we were missing. So we decided to get outside perspective. 

We asked our mastermind, mentors, and trusted colleagues to help us see things we were overlooking. One advisor gave us suggestions for adapting our current offer to increase our capacity to serve clients. 

We had the info we needed. Now it was time to turn ideas into action. We knew we wouldn't be able to dedicate the time, energy, and brain space needed if we didn't step away from working on the day-to-day activities of our business. 

So we scheduled three days to focus on the future of our business. We reviewed notes from our advisors, brainstormed ideas, and weighed options. At first, it felt like we were wandering through the fog. But bit by bit, the fog cleared, and a plan emerged that we were excited about.

Because we'd been deliberate with our process, we felt confident and excited about the path ahead. The final step was to create a plan to turn the ideas into reality. We identified the essential actions to focus on and metrics to track to make sure our new vision became a reality.

A few months later, the Internet Business Mastery Academy was born--a new flagship offer that allowed us to serve more people without working harder. Soon after the launch of the Academy, our monthly income shot up to 40k per month, an increase of almost 400%. 

The truth is, we could have put that idea into action much sooner. But it wasn't until we paused to assess the business, get outside input, and create an intentional growth strategy that we launched to a new level of income without having to work harder. 

This is how our business not only survived the recession, but experienced huge growth at a time when many businesses were struggling. 

From this experience, I learned four things you need to spark exponential growth in your business...

4 Key Actions to Spark Exponential New Growth, Even in Times of Uncertainty and Change


Uncover Your High-ROI Opportunities

Every business has "low-hanging fruit" opportunities to generate new income without having to work harder or implement strategies that don't fit your vision, values, and goals. Every business owner is just a few steps away from new levels of success, fulfillment, and impact. 


Get Outside Perspective

Everybody has blind spots when it comes to their own business. We are just too personally invested to see clearly. There are opportunities we miss and problems we overlook if we don't get trusted input from others.


Dedicate Time to Strategic Planning

Catalyzing new growth requires stepping away from your day-to-day work and dedicating time to thinking about the short-term needs and long-term growth of your business.


Create an Action Plan That Will Makes Your Goals Inevitable

Don't let your next breakthrough fall victim to the day-to-day rush of running a business. Make your goals inevitable by identifying the few critical actions to take and the essential metrics to track on a daily and weekly basis so that you don't get off track. 

When you follow these four essential steps, you will unlock the hidden opportunities available to you right now and spark a new level of growth. I want to help you do that.

That's why I've put together a new workshop where I will help you uncover the high-leverage activities that will multiply your results by 5-10x. You will get outside perspective from me and other smart business owners like you. And in the end you will have an action plan for taking your business to a new level of income and impact without having to work harder so that you can have more ease and freedom. 


The Catalyst Strategy Intensive

Rebecca Ching

LMFT, Leadership Developer

Jason helped me cut through the B.S. and build confidence and clarity as I launched my new business venture.

Jason  breaks things down to simple, actionable tasks so I can build a sustainable strategy that feels authentic to my core values and also relatable to the people I want to serve.

He is a master of questions that bring out the best in me and my work.

I am inspired by his character, integrity, generosity, and wholehearted approach to leading other people in a way that is so rare these days. He helps weave people’s stories and their unique genius into a clear and sound path for achieving my goals.

The Catalyst Strategy Intensive Will Give You a Personalized Plan for Growing Your Business Over the Next Six Months and Beyond 

As a result of this workshop you will:

  1. 1
    Multiply your results by 5-10x with my Stack the ROI Method.
  2. 2
    Find hidden money-making opportunities to create a sustainable infusion of new revenue.
  3. 3
    Identify the essential activities that will accelerate your progress and make your goals inevitable.

During this Workshop, We'll Uncover Your Biggest Opportunities and Ensure Maximum Growth

You'll get the inside track about:

  1. 1
    How to grow your audience and generate leads
  2. 2
    How to convert people into clients and customers
  3. 3
    What products and services to sell
  4. 4
    How to grow your income the fastest
  5. 5
    Which opportunities to pursue and which ones to let go of
  6. 6
    Which tactics will get you the biggest results for the smallest investment

Jeffrey Shaw

Business Coach | Podcast Host | Speaker

I made more progress with Jason in a short period of time than I have with many professionals that I’ve hired.

Jason is a really good listener, cutting to the chase, reflecting back to you what you need to know and then providing you with clear language and strategy. Jason is a master at what he does.

Here's How it Works

The Catalyst Strategy Intensive is a one-week program where we will meet live online daily, Monday through Friday, for 90-minute sessions. What makes this different is we will not only identify the high-ROI activities, but we will also take action. There will be three workshop sessions and two implementation labs.

During the Workshop Sessions, we'll discuss and apply frameworks to build your strategic plan. You'll also have an opportunity to get feedback and input from me and the group.

During the Implementation Labs, we'll co-work as a group to put the concepts into action. I'll be there with you live ready to answer any questions to keep you in action.

Workshop Sessions
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 

July 19, 21, and 23

Implementation Sessions + Q&A
Tuesday & Thursday

July 20 & 22

90-Minute Sessions
8:00 AM Pacific Time
11:00 AM Eastern Time
16:00 U.K. 

Live via Zoom

(All sessions are also recorded)

Who is This For?

The Catalyst Strategy Intensive is for you if…

  • You are an entrepreneur or business owner who is already selling your expertise as a coach, consultant, or expert service provider and who wants to find a way to scale your income and create sustainable growth.

Here's What You Get When You Enroll

A Personalized Strategic Plan

You'll design a 6-9 month business growth plan that outlines what you need to focus on to reach your most important goals and grow your income.

2 x Weeks Email Consulting Access
Ask me any questions and get my feedback at the press of a button. 

3 x 90-Minute Live (Remote) Workshops

We'll meet on Zoom, where we will put pen to paper and actively create a growth plan for your business.

10 Proven Growth Frameworks

Based on over twenty years of experience teaching over 10,000 entrepreneurs how to grow a successful business. You can use these tools over and over again to catalyze new business growth.

Mastermind Opportunities

Share your specific ideas and challenges and get feedback from me as well as other experienced business owners.

Workshop Recordings

With these recordings and the frameworks you'll learn, you'll have everything you need to repeat this process and spark new growth.

Nate Cooper

Managing Partner, Swarm

Jason has helped me move forward through many uncertain junctures in my business. 

I very much appreciated Jason's approach for pulling together the pieces of how I see myself and how others see me.

Jason has a warm approach that makes working with him easy. I also benefit greatly from the connections I make through working with him.

Enroll Now. Space is Limited.

My one-on-one clients invest at least $1500 for me to guide them through this strategic planning process. For a limited time, you can go through this process in a group setting, which allows you to get a high level of guidance and input at a much lower investment

In addition, because we will find gaps that are costing you money and hidden opportunities to quickly boost your income, you're sure to get a 5-10x+ return on this investment.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you go through the workshop, follow the process and still aren't totally clear and confident about how you will grow your business over the next six months, I will work with you 1:1 to make sure you are satisfied.

Ellyn Kerr

Learning Strategist

You are truly one of the best, most authentic, realistic, no-B.S. coaches out there for building thought leadership.

I've worked in the coaching/marketing industry in ways for over a decade, and I'm a pretty sharp cookie for discerning quality.

About Me

I'm Jason Van Orden. I help people like you to grow their reach and revenue by growing.

Since 2004, I've been helping experts create successful brands and businesses. In that time, I've launched over fifty courses of my own and helped thousands of students and clients do the same.

I helped a mother of two from Austin, TX, help women worldwide with her story of going through a high-risk pregnancy on bed rest.

I've helped bestselling authors, high-end consultants, and Ivy League professors turn their books, university courses, and unique methods into online classes.

I've helped top business leaders like Chris Ducker, Pat Flynn, Kimra Luna, and many others to grow their businesses.

In 2008, I launched The Internet Business Mastery Academy — one of the first online schools for internet entrepreneurs which generated seven figures of revenue and served over 10,000 students.

I've seen what works and what doesn't. I've made all the mistakes and learned how to avoid them. Heck, I even launched a course once, and my dad was the only person that bought it.

And then I've launched courses that generated $700,000 in sales in a matter of two weeks.

My mission is to help brilliant people like you make more money doing what you do best to help more people with your unique ideas and perspective.

Because it's no secret that there are endless problems to solve in this world, more than ever, the world needs people like you to share your unique message as far and wide as possible.

What drives me is knowing that helping you reach the people you can serve best will create a ripple effect of change in the world. My clients get messages from all over the world thanking them for the impact they've had.

My unique genius is helping amplify your reach, impact, and income by packaging and selling your ideas and expertise in a way that aligns with your strengths, goals, mission, and values.

Enroll Now. Space is Limited.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

Ashwin Krishnan

COO at UberKnowledge | Tech Ethicist | Podcaster | Speaker

Working with Jason was the best thing that happened to me... I started searching for my brand and what value I could provide to the world. He listens intently before he offers suggestions.

Our work together brought immense clarity and allowed me to let go of unnecessary baggage and distractions.

His tools and methodologies provided a steady and continuous catalyst to reach my goals.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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