Launch an Online Course That Generates Consistent Income, Makes You a Recognized Expert, and
Frees You from Selling “Dollars for Hours” Services

If you’re ready to help more people and make more money from your ideas, expertise, and experience...

If you’d like to free yourself from trading your time for money…

If you’ve lost income due to the current economic climate and are looking for a way to create new streams of revenue…

If you’d like to diversify your sources of income to protect yourself against the uncertainties of running a business...

Then there’s no better way to create new, scalable income quickly than to package your ideas up as an online course or online group program.

Launching an online course is a powerful way to accelerate the growth of your business and brand.

But launching an online course can be overwhelming if you don’t have the right steps to follow.

There are tons of questions to answer and decisions to make.

It’s easy to waste weeks or even months creating content for your course only to find out it’s not what your people wanted to buy.

You try every course creation formula that comes your way, but they all seem to be missing pieces or simply don’t feel like a good fit for your values and vision.

You get sucked down a rabbit hole from hell dealing with the technical parts of publishing your course online.

You get bogged down trying to figure out what to create a sales funnel or a complicated product launch campaign.

You get pulled in a hundred different directions and waste valuable time, money and energy only to end up stuck.

All the talk of funnels and product launches starts to give you hives because it feels far too complicated and doesn’t require a style of marketing that just doesn’t jive with how you want to connect with and help people.

And that’s not to mention the biggest question of all: what if nobody buys the course after you invest all of that time and energy to create it?

It’s enough to make you want to throw in the towel or, worse yet, never get started.

I know how it is. I hear all of these frustrations and more every time I hop on the phone with prospective students and clients.

I love the sound of relief in their voice when I tell them it doesn’t have to be so complicated.

I’m here to tell you there is a simpler, lower-risk, faster way to launch your course.

With my Lean Launch Method, you can get a course up and making money in as little as eight weeks (and even 3-4 weeks in some cases) without spending any money, dealing with any tech, setting up a fancy course site, creating a sales funnel or any of the stuff that so often feels daunting. 

An Online Course Amplifies Your Income and Impact,

Gives Your Freedom, and

Puts You in Control of the Future of Your Business

An online course will transform your business, brand, and body of work by helping you to...

  1. 1
    Future-proof your business by creating diverse streams of income
  2. 2
    Launch a new business or a new income stream for your current business
  3. 3
    Grow your income without working harder or more hours
  4. 4
    Elevate your brand authority and be seen as as a top authority and leader in your industry
  5. 5
    Stand out in the marketplace as more than “just another expert” but rather as someone with something truly unique to offer
  6. 6
    Reclaim more freedom to spend time on the things that you enjoy most
  7. 7
    Help more people by removing the limitations of only doing 1-on-1 work
  8. 8
    Reach a global audience and help with worldwide without any limitations of geography
  9. 9
    Generate stable monthly income that can carry you through the times when it’s harder to find and close clients
  10. 10
    Create a body of work and legacy that make a mark for years to come

The bottom line: an online course amplifies your income, impact, freedom, and opportunities.

You’ll have more time to do the work you love most and create new ideas that grow your impact even more.

You gain increasing recognition for your body of work because you have more time to operate within your unique genius.

You’ll be less stressed and stretched thin because you won’t have to constantly chase down clients.

You can be pickier about which clients you work with 1-on-1 because your course can maintain your baseline income needs.

A Proven System for Launching Online

Courses Since 2004

Hello, I’m Jason Van Orden. I help people like you to turn their expertise into an online course so they can generate more income and impact with their hard-earned ideas and experience.

Since 2004, I’ve been creating courses and selling them online. In that time, I’ve launched over fifty courses of my own and helped thousands of students and clients do the same.

I helped a mother of two from Austin, TX help women all over the world with her story of going through a high-risk pregnancy where she was stuck in bed for months.

I’ve helped bestselling authors, high-end consultants, and Ivy League professors turn their books, university courses, and unique methods into online courses.

In 2008, I launched The Internet Business Mastery Academy — one of the first online schools for internet entrepreneurs which generated seven figures of revenue and served over 10,000 students.

I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. I’ve made all the mistakes and learned how to avoid them.

Heck, I even launched a course once and my dad was the only person that bought it.

And then I’ve launched a course that generated $700,000 in sales in a matter of two weeks.

My mission is to help brilliant people like you to make more money doing what you do best so that you can help more people with your unique ideas and perspective.

Because it’s no secret that there are endless problems to solve in this world. More than ever, the world needs people like you to share your unique message as far and wide as possible.

What drives me is knowing that by helping you to reach the people you can serve best it will create a ripple effect of change in the world.

I’ve seen the immense impact online courses can have. My students get messages from all over the world thanking them and sharing how much of an impact their course made.

My unique genius is helping amplify your reach, impact, and income by packaging and selling your ideas and expertise in a way that aligns with your strengths, goals, mission, and values.

Dorie Clark

Author, Speaker, Professor, Leadership and Marketing Consultant

When it came time for me to create my first online course, Jason was the person that I turned to.

He can speak from personal experience about the most effective techniques and where you can get the biggest ROI.

If you want to reach a new audience through online courses or other online channels, Jason can help bring that to market and sharpen your ideas about how to do that in a really ethical way that fits well with you, your brand and your audience.

Imagine launching your course and enrolling students in just eight weeks

Imagine having someone to guide you around the most common pitfalls and show you the vital few most handful of most important steps to take so you can skip the rest and get results faster.

Imagine finding the perfect course idea and launching it with confidence, knowing it's something people desperately want and are eager to buy from you.

What would that change for your business to have a new source of income that will continue to pay you for years to come and protect you against future economic downturn?

Think of the freedom it will give you to have income that doesn’t depend on your time.

I will personally guide you to that goal.

Say Hello to ‘Launch Your Course’ — an Accelerator, Online Workshop, and Coaching Program That Will Take You From Idea to Income in as Little As Eight Weeks

Launch Your Course is an accelerator, online workshop, and group coaching program where I will guide you from scratch to a launched course in as little as eight weeks.

This is your chance to work with me to get the same results as my 1-to-1 clients, but without paying the ten thousand to 25k price tag of hiring me as a consultant.

During this workshop, I’ll guide you through my proven system for identifying what your ideal customers want to buy from you most so that you can launch your course with confidence and book sales fast.

I’ll help you quickly identify the exact course you should launch first/next.

This program is focused on fast but effective action to get you to the goal in the simplest way possible. My clients have launched courses in as little as three weeks.

Here’s how this workshop works...

I run this workshop using a method that I've found is most effective for guiding you through the process.

Before each call, you'll watch a set of videos and implement what you learned by following action checklists and using worksheets, templates, and other tools I've prepared for you. These are available in the Launch Your Course training library (which you will have access to even beyond the eight-week workshop to reference and re-use the process as needed).

I've organized and optimized each module to be concise and easy to follow, focusing on the essential steps so you can ignore the rest of the overwhelming junk that would slow you down. Plus, I give you all the tools, templates, checklists, and frameworks you need to make launching a successful course frictionless.

After each training module, I'll facilitate a group coaching call on Zoom. Each call is an opportunity to get personalized feedback, ask questions, and mastermind with other course creators in the program.

You'll not only have my experienced guidance and feedback, but you'll also have the camaraderie of a group of like-minded entrepreneurs and thought leaders going through the same process at the same time. Members of my programs often continue to support each other even after the program ends.

This group camaraderie is a huge benefit to this workshop. It's like having an online course mastermind to tap into anytime you want.

This is Your Ticket to Accelerated Results

By the end of this program, you’ll have done everything you need to launch and sell your course.

This process will save you from creating something that doesn’t sell. It will save you from months of time wasted focusing on the wrong things.

You’ll get results faster because you'll have a personal guide showing you exactly what to do next and answering your questions along the way.

This is the same system I’ve used with my high-end clients who have paid me as much as 25k to help them launch courses.

But in this workshop, you get the same results as those clients at a fraction of the cost because I’m guiding a group of people through the process at once.

Because I’ve carefully organized my process into simple frameworks, I’m able to give each participant in this workshop a high degree of guidance, personalized to their needs.

I’ve also carefully honed my process to tap into, honor, and align with your vision, values, and strengths. There are no one-size-fits-all formulas here.

Andrew Molinsky

Author | Professor

I have really enjoyed working with Jason on developing an online course based on my two published books, Global Dexterity and Reach. When I started, I knew a lot about teaching in-person and virtually nothing about online education.

Jason was an amazing guide to the world of online courses and has helped me immeasurably with the process of strategizing about and putting together my online course. 

He’s smart, collaborative, responsive and also happens to be a really nice guy. If you have a chance to work with Jason, I’d strongly recommend it.

Here’s What You’ll Discover and Achieve During ‘Launch Your Course’

Here’s an outline of exactly what you will discover and achieve from each of the eight weeks of this course. 

Module 1: Identify Your Growth Strategy

Did you know there are seven strategies you can use to grow your business with an online course? This module helps you choose the best growth strategies for you to ensure your course generates consistent, scalable income, aligns with your business model and furthers your most important goals.

You'll also learn my Stack the ROI Method for boosting the results you get from your course by 5x or more.

In this Module:

  • The vital first steps for designing a profitable online course -- many skip these, and it costs them
  • How to choose the perfect course idea for you
  • How to align your online course with your business model and vision
  • How to leverage your online course to further your most important goals

Tools in this Module:

  1. 1
    Growth Strategy Worksheet
  2. 2
    The Online Course Design Canvas
  3. 3
    The Online Course Idea Worksheet: Customer Profile

Module 2: Uncover What Your Market Wants Most

One of the biggest mistakes course creators make is designing a course that doesn't focus on their intended customer's top-of-mind needs, desires, goals, and pain points.

As experts, it's easy for us to forget what it is like to be in our student's shoes. We easily overlook what is essential to the intended customer. As a result, they decide not to buy the course.

This module will make sure that doesn't happen by helping you identify what your market wants and needs most so your course won't launch to the sound of crickets. HINT: Running a survey isn't enough.

In this Module:

  • 9 ways to uncover which course your market is most eager to buy
  • How to design industry-leading courses with product development secrets used by companies like Apple
  • 5 common mistakes course creators make that lead them to create a course that nobody wants to buy

Tools in this Module:

  1. 1
    7+ Customer Research Tools

Module 3: Design a Profitable Offer

Students will buy your course for the outcomes it will provide them. This is the single most crucial element of designing a course (or any offer for that matter). Based on the research you did in module 2, we'll choose the right best course idea for you to create.

Then you'll craft an irresistible value proposition that will get your market leaping to invest in your course.

You'll also learn about five types of offers (including membership programs, group coaching, and more) so you can choose the right one for you and your market.

In this Module:

  • 4 essential parts of a profitable offer
  • 5 types of offers that sell and which one to focus on first
  • 5 elements of an irresistible value proposition

Tools in this Module:

  1. 1
    Online Course Design Worksheet: Desired Outcomes
  2. 2
    Offer Design Worksheet

Module 4: Design a Course Experience and Platform That Deliver Results

In this module, we'll get the expertise out of your head and organize it into a process that gets amazing, dependable results for your students. Whether you already have a process or start one from scratch, you'll finish this module with your unique method fully outlined.

Think of this as your trademark idea like Mel Robins' 5-Second Rule, Stephen Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, or Brene Brown's Daring Way.

Then we'll turn your Signature Method into an outline and structure for your online course.

And by the way, your Signature Method is something you can leverage for years to come to brand yourself as a leading expert, quickly create other streams of income beyond one online course, and create a body of work that has a long-lasting impact.

In this Module:

  • How to create a competition-proof Signature Method that will position you as a leader at the top of your industry
  • The fastest method for getting your brilliance out of your brain and organized into your course
  • How to design a course that delivers keeps students motivated to the end and provides dependable results so they'll sing your praises and do business with you again

Tools in this Module:

  1. 1
    Signature Process Design Worksheet
  2. 2
    Curriculum Design Worksheet

Module 5: Attract Your Ideal Students (The Messaging)

In this module, you'll create a course experience that is a perfect balance between providing your students the proper support while still allowing the freedom and flexibility that align with your goals, limited time, and desired lifestyle.

You'll also learn how to launch your first course without the usual tech headaches that can hold creators back for months.

In this Module:

  • 3 types of platforms for hosting your course and which is best for you
  • 5 methods for providing a high level of support without requiring too much of your time
  • How to build a community that amplifies the value of your course

Tools in this Module:

  1. 1
    Course Experience Worksheet
  2. 2
    The Course Experience Spectrum

Module 6: Attract Your Ideal Students

In this module, we'll craft clear and compelling messaging that cuts through the noise to attract the attention of your ideal audience, earn their trust, and prepare them to invest in your course. You'll discover how to create content that builds your audience and email list. I'll share my secrets for filling your course even if you don't have an email list or a big following.

In addition, the messaging you develop during this module will increase your overall visibility and authority, further growing your audience and helping you sell your other products and services.

In this Module:

  • How to attract your ideal students even if you don't have an email list
  • How to create marketing campaigns that feel good and align with your values
  • 5 common messaging mistakes that will cause you to lose prospective students

Tools in this Module:

  1. 1
    Lead Magnet Template
  2. 2
    Landing Page Template
  3. 3
    The Customer Awareness Spectrum
  4. 4
    The Customer Journey Map

Module 7: Inspire Your Ideal Students to Buy

In this module, it's time to enroll students in your course. We'll take a look at the different ways you can enroll students in your course without a complex sales funnel, fancy sales page, or overwhelming product launch.

My sales approach isn't about tactics, tricks, and manipulations. It's about creating messaging that is empathetic and deeply resonant with your ideal students.

After I help craft and run their launch campaigns, my clients frequently tell me that they've never received so much meaningful engagement from their audience. Your promotion will feel like a gift, not a pushy sales message.

In this Module:

  • How to inspire people to buy without gimmicks and manipulation
  • How to quickly and easily create a sales page even if you've never written one before
  • How to fill your course without a fancy sales funnel or big product launch

Tools in this Module:

  • Rapid Sales Page Template for Non-Copywriters
  • Email Sales Sequence Template for Non-Copywriters
  • No Sales Page, No Email Enrollment Script

    Module 8: Scaling Your Online Course (and Business)

    Here's where you'll discover how to build on the success of your pilot course and turn it into a scalable source of steady income. We'll cover how to build an automated sales system using tools to fit any budget (even no budget).

    I'll also share how to use your course to sell more of your other products and services and turn one-time students into repeat buyers.

    In this Module:

    • How to turn your pilot into a polished, refined course that requires minimal (or even no) time and energy from you.
    • How to create a sales funnel for selling your course on auto-pilot.
    • How to create a nurture and sales sequence to sell any product or service on autopilot

    Tools in this Module:

    1. 1
      Rapid Sales Page Template
    2. 2
      Easy Sales Funnel Map

    Jeffrey Shaw

    Business Coach | Podcast Host | Speaker

    I made more progress with Jason in a short period of time than I have with many professionals that I’ve hired.

    He helped me get very clear on the best messaging to attract the ideal student to my online program. 

    Jason is a really good listener, cutting to the chase, reflecting back to you what you need to know and then providing you with clear language and strategy. Jason is a master at what he does.

    Here’s What You Get

    8 x Live Workshop Calls ($2000 Value*)

    • 8 x live implementation, mastermind, and Q&A calls
    • 60-90 minutes each
    • Weekly calls start the week of May 25
    •  INSERT Describe calls
    • Calls will be at the same day and time each week. I'll choose a time to fit ehe schedules of everyone in the group.

    Launch Your Course Training Library ($1500 Value*)

    • Concise, carefully crafted videos organized into easy-to-follow lessons to walk you through my Launch Your Course system
    • You'll have access to this training library beyond the period of the course.

    Call Recordings

    • You will get a recording of each of our groups calls within 48 hours of the call.

    13+ Frameworks, Templates, Worksheets, and Checklists ($1000 Value)

    • Each module comes with a set of tools to make the process frictionless (see the module descriptions above for a list of tools included with each one).
    • These tools will save you significant time, energy, and money.

    1-to-1 Personalized Feedback ($3000 Value*)

    • I’ll personally look over all the vital parts of your course launch and give personal feedback to be sure you haven’t missed anything and to find simple ways for you to maximize your results based on your specific circumstances.
    • Send me anything during the course to look over and give feedback. 

    3 x Months of Direct Email Access to Me for Consulting ($3000 Value*)

    • Email me to ask any questions that pop up between calls and I’ll get back to you within one business day.
    • Email me to ask any questions that pop up between calls and I’ll get back to you within one business day.

    3 x 1-on-1 Coaching Calls ($1500 Value)

    • Get direct, personal guidance specific to your circumstances to talk through any aspect of launching your course or growing your business.
    • You have up to three months from the start of the program to use these calls however you wish.
    • 30 minutes each call

    BONUS: Rapid Content Creation ($200 Value)

    • This bonus module shares all my top tools, shortcuts, workflows, and tutorials for creating audio, video, and other course media.
    • Learn to create professional-looking content for your courses on any budget.

    BONUS: Show Me the Money Workshop ($200 Value)

    • This six-video series will help you uncover hidden-money making opportunities and the fastest path forward to new revenue growth in your business.
    • Gain massive clarity about the vision for your business and the legacy you want to create.

    BONUS: Unleash Your Unique Genius ($50 Value)

    • Discover and reconnect with your unique strengths and abilities.
    • Uncover what sets you apart from other thought leaders and give you insight into how you can create the greatest value in the world.
    • Gain increased confidence in the value you have to offer the world.
    • Craft language to describe what you do best and what makes you unique.

    Total Value = $12,000*

    *Based on what I have regularly charged in the past for workshops and 1-to-1 consulting services

    Only 20 Spots Available

    Because of the high degree of guidance and feedback that I offer in this workshop, 

    I have to limit enrollment. Enrollment will close once the spots have filled.

    Launching an Online Course is Only One of

    Many Ways Launch Your Course will Transform

    Your Business

    Here are three more ways this accelerator will transform your entire brand and business.

    1. You’ll get to know the inner world of your ideal customer in such a way that makes it easy to create the perfect content, marketing, and product offers at the drop of a hat. Your audience will feel like you’re reading their the best way possible.

    2. The Signature Process we’ll create for you will be a calling card that makes you an authority at the top of your industry. Plus, you’ll be able to easily re-package all or part of your process to quickly create books, content, products, keynote addresses, high-end services, and everything else you need to grow your impact and income.

    3. You can use the messaging and customer journey we design to grow your email list and close clients and customers more easily for any of your offers

    Here's the bottom line: this workshop will help you unlock the next level of your brand and business which will grow your reach, attract bigger opportunities, and amplify your impact and income.

    Alexandra Beller 

    Choreographer, Director, Adjunct Professor @ Princeton University

    With Jason's help, I launched my pilot course in just three weeks. I even had twice as many people sign up than I had hoped for. My most recent course launch brought in over 10k in two weeks and required very little of my time.

    I thought an online course would take months to create. Jason's guided me through a simple streamlined process. I was worried about dealing with the technology, but he even made that easy.

    Thanks to Jason's help, my income is greater and more stable than ever...and growing!

    Your Investment to Enroll

    My one-on-one clients invest between as much as 25k for me to help them launch an online course. But you won’t invest nearly that much to get the same results when you enroll in Launch Your Course.

    You have two options to enroll.

    OPTION 1: Launch Your Course VIP with 1-on-1 Support

    Includes everything listed above in the What You Get section:

    • 8 x Live Workshop Calls ($2000 Value*)

    • Launch Your Course Training Library ($1500 Value*)

    • Call Recordings

    • 13+ Frameworks, Templates, Worksheets, and Checklists ($1000 Value)

    • 1-to-1 Personalized Feedback ($3000 Value*)

    • 3 x Months of Direct Email Access to Me for Consulting ($3000 Value*)

    • 3 x 1-on-1 Coaching Calls ($1500 Value)

    • All Bonuses ($500 Value)

    Total VALUE: $12,000

    You PAY: $2995 or 3 payments of $999

    OPTION 2: Launch Your Course Live Workshop and Training Library Access

    This option comes without the one-on-one access to me but still gives you the training library, live workshop calls, and tools--everything you need to launch your course with ease.

    Includes everything listed above in the What You Get section:

    • 8 x Live Workshop Calls ($2000 Value*)

    • Launch Your Course Training Library ($1500 Value*)

    • Call Recordings

    • 13+ Frameworks, Templates, Worksheets, and Checklists ($1000 Value)

    • All Bonuses ($500 Value)

    Total VALUE: $5000

    You PAY: $1495 or 3 payments of $499

    *Values are based on what I have regularly charged for consulting and similar workshops in the past.

    Keep reading below for FAQs...

    Dominique Mas

    Certified Coach for High Performers

    Taking the LYC class was a lifesaver! Jason has developed such a powerful process and he delivers it with humor, encouraging each participant to be engaged and ensuring that everyone is supported fully.

    Jason goes way beyond what one would expect as he offered extra support, both live and through email. In addition to being kind and caring, he is incredibly knowledgeable. The calls were always packed with valuable insights as well as content and the materials Jason shared are easy to use and incredibly helpful.

    He covers every topic you need to think about, from funnels to language you can use.

    I followed Jason’s process to launch a course a few weeks after LYC and was successful in running my program, thanks to Jason’s launch method. I cannot recommend the course enough!


    What if I don’t have a good idea for my online course?

    I will help you find one. I have worksheets and frameworks that will guide you to that perfect idea.

    I’ve been doing this for fifteen years and I’ve come to believe that we all have something of value to share with others. I’ll help you find an idea that others will gladly pay you for.

    How do I know my course will sell? Is anyone going to be interested?

    First of all, I will personally go over your ideas and use my experience to help you quickly weed out any duds. That alone will save you from very costly missteps.

    Then I will help you test your idea.

    Did you know there are more than ten different ways to test whether you have an idea for a course that will sell? I’ll share them all with you.

    Will this take a lot of time?

    Enrolling in this program will SAVE you a lot of time.

    There’s no way around it. When you go the do-it-yourself route, you inevitably end up losing time go down dead-end paths or dealing with an unexpected question.

    When you have an experienced guide, you get results much faster. I’ve worked with people who wasted two years trying to get a course up, but once they finally invest in working with me their course is up in less than two months.

    How much will it cost to launch my course (other than my investment working with you)?

    I’m going to show you how to do it for free if you want. There are lots of great tools these days for creating, publishing, hosting and selling your course that doesn’t cost any money.

    Now, I’ll also share with you cost-effective options for taking everything to the next level when/if you’re ready.

    Whatever your budget and resources, I’ll point you to the right solution for you.

    Will you only be helping me to launch a pilot course? What if I want to create something that is more sophisticated and nicely produced?

    First, we’ll launch your pilot course, then I’ll also show you how to take it beyond the pilot phase to create a world-class, scalable course that will grow your business.

    I’ll show you all the best (and most affordable) ways to create amazing content quickly and publish it.

    What if I miss a call because of vacation or something else conflicts with the schedule?

    I will record all of the calls so you don't miss a thing. You can send questions in advance of the calls if you know you won't make it.

    I'll also make sure none of the calls fall on or near major holidays.

    Why are you running this workshop during the end-of-year holiday season?

    I'm running this workshop at the end of the year so you'll be ready to launch your course in January, which is the perfect time to launch because lots of people are investing in support to work on their personal and business goals.

    What if I don’t have an email list to launch my course to?

    I'll teach you strategies for filling your pilot course even if you don't have an email list. These methods work in any market.

    Aren't there already too many online courses? Hasn't the shipped sailed?

    The online learning industry has grown steadily over the past decade. According to Berkshire-Hathaway: "The global e-learning market reached a value of US$ 222.2 Billion in 2020. Looking forward, the market is expected to grow at a rate of 12.7% annually during 2021-2026."

    The ship has not sailed on online courses. In many ways, it's just pulling into the harbor.

    What if there are already lots of online courses in my industry? How can I create something that stands out?

    People who invest in online courses look for an instructor that they resonate with. There are those in your market who will flock to you because of your values, vision, strengths, experiences, and perspective. I'll show you how to create a course and messaging to sell the course that will cut through the noise and magnetically attract your crowd.

    Also, the truth is most online courses aren't very good. Yours is going to stand out because I'll show you how to make a course that really has an impact so your market buzzes about how good your course is compared to others.