Break Through to The Next Level of Income, Impact, Visibility, and Authority

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"How can I help more people and make more money without maxing out my time and energy?"

I hear some version of this question from numerous coaches, consultants, and experts who are ready to take their brand and business to the next level.

They've hit a growth ceiling and aren't sure how to break through it or they're just feeling a bit stagnant and need to shakes things up.

Perhaps you can relate.

Perhaps you are in need of gaining new perspective, expanding your network, and being exposed to new strategies.

Perhaps you're feeling isolated, in need of more connection with entrepreneurs who have similar goals and have a place to turn for camaraderie, feedback, support, and celebration.

That's why I created...

The Catalyst Mastermind 

This mastermind is specifically for coaches, consultants, and experts. It's structured to help you uncover the next evolution of your business so that you can have a bigger impact and generate more income from your ideas and expertise.

The focus is on the growth of your business and brand. I will teach you systems and frameworks that will not only grow your business during the mastermind but also for years to come as you continue to apply them in the future. 

This is a consistent and safe place for you to get support, feedback, accountability, camaraderie, and new perspectives from people you can trust who are at a similar level in their business as you. It's a place to benefit from diverse ideas and the expertise of other accomplished experts.

I promise to support you in every way I can by sharing resources, connections to my network, and knowledge to realize your goals.

This is for You if You...

  • Are a coach, consultant, or other expert
  • Want to break away from formulas to find a strategy that works for you
  • Are good at what you do and put in the time to master your craft 
  • Want to be a top recognized thought leader in your industry
  • Want to unlock a new level of your legacy, leadership, and body of work
  • Want to diversify your revenue streams 
  • Want to establish systems that generate income month after month

Proven Systems and Experience Since 2005

Hello, I’m Jason Van Orden. I help people like you to grow their reach and revenue by creating and growing new streams of income based on their expertise.

Since 2004, I’ve been helping experts create a successful brand and businesses. In that time, I’ve launched over fifty courses of my own and helped thousands of students and clients do the same.

I helped a mother of two from Austin, TX help women all over the world with her story of going through a high-risk pregnancy where she was stuck in bed for months.

I’ve helped bestselling authors, high-end consultants, and Ivy League professors turn their books, university courses, and unique methods into online courses.

In 2008, I launched The Internet Business Mastery Academy — one of the first online schools for internet entrepreneurs which generated seven figures of revenue and served over 10,000 students.

I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. I’ve made all the mistakes and learned how to avoid them. Heck, I even launched a course once and my dad was the only person that bought it.

And then I’ve launched courses that generated $700,000 in sales in a matter of two weeks.

My mission is to help brilliant people like you to make more money doing what you do best so that you can help more people with your unique ideas and perspective.

Because it’s no secret that there are endless problems to solve in this world. More than ever, the world needs people like you to share your unique message as far and wide as possible.

What drives me is knowing that by helping you to reach the people you can serve best it will create a ripple effect of change in the world. My students get messages from all over the world thanking them and sharing how much of an impact they've had.

My unique genius is helping amplify your reach, impact, and income by packaging and selling your ideas and expertise in a way that aligns with your strengths, goals, mission, and values.

4 Core Areas of Business Growth

Over the six months, we'll look at the three vital parts of your business model to find your greatest opportunities for growth and help you achieve them with strategies that fit you.

  1. 1
    Positioning: Your brand and visibility as a recognized thought leader 
  2. 2
    Platform (Attention Engine): How you grow your audience, share your message, and attract your ideal customers
  3. 3
    Pipeline (Trust Engine): How you build trust and encourage people to happily do business with you
  4. 4
    Products (Value Engine): How you package and sell your expertise to deliver maximum value to your customers & clients and grow your income without overloading your time and energy

Here's How it Works

Here's what you get access to when you join the Catalyst Mastermind.

A Carefully Selected Mastermind Group

  • I interview everyone before they can join the mastermind so you can rest assured that this will be a dedicated and safe group of ambitious and successful people for you to mastermind with
6 Months of Mastermind Support and Training
  • The mastermind runs from mid-August to February 2021
A 60-Minute 1:1 Kickoff Strategy Call with Me
  • We'll talk about what you need from the mastermind and set goals/intentions
  • To find at least one breakthrough and next action on one of your most important goals or most significant challenges. Two of my most recent strategy calls resulted in the clients pulling in an extra 5k and 7k from one idea within a week of our call.
2 x Mastermind Calls per Month
  • This is where everyone will share wins, goals, and challenges to get support, accountability, and feedback from the group and guidance from me.
  • You'll have opportunities to sit in the hot seat and have me and the rest of the group look over one of your goal or challenges to help help you leap forward in your business.
  • We'll pick a consistent time that works for everyone
2 x Workshop Calls Per Month
  • In addition to the mastermind calls, I'll facilitate training and workshop calls where we will dive into a specific part of your business model.
  • The topics of these calls will be based on the needs of the group. I'll share strategies and frameworks to help you get results where you need them.
  • If needed, I'll bring in trusted colleagues from my network who are experts in the areas we want to focus on.
Private Online Chat to Interact with the Group Between Calls
  • Any time you need some input or encouragement, you can turn to the private group to connect with other mastermind members.
  • This extends the benefits of the mastermind beyond the mastermind and workshop calls. 

VIP Coaching Add-On

If you would like additional one-on-one guidance from me, there's a VIP add-on option that gives you the following in addition to everything above. 

  • 1 x 60-minute coaching call per month
  • Unlimited Email Consulting Access to Me
  • My personal feedback on everything we work on during the mastermind program
  • Access to my network of vetted freelancers (as low as $10/hr)

Imagine What It Will Feel Like to...

  1. Grow your income without working harder or more hours

  1. Elevate your brand authority and be seen as as a top authority and leader in your industry

  1. Stand out in the marketplace as more than “just another expert” but rather as someone with something truly unique to offer

  1. Reclaim more freedom to spend time on the things that you enjoy most

  1. Help more people by removing the limitations of only doing 1-on-1 work 

  1. Reach a wider global audience and help with worldwide without any limitations of geography

  1. Generate stable monthly income that can carry you through the times when it’s harder to find and close clients 

  1. Future-proof your business by creating diverse streams of income

  1. Create a body of work and legacy that make a mark for years to come


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See what my clients have to say...

When it came time for me to create my first online course, Jason was the person that I turned to. He can speak from personal experience about the most effective techniques and where you can get the biggest ROI.

If you want to reach a new audience through online courses or other online channels, Jason can help bring that to market and sharpen your ideas about how to do that in a really ethical way that fits well with you, your brand and your audience.

Dorie Clark
Author, Speaker, Professor, Leadership and Marketing Consultant

I have really enjoyed working with Jason on developing an online course based on my two published books, Global Dexterity and Reach. When I started, I knew a lot about teaching in-person and virtually nothing about online education. Jason was an amazing guide to the world of online courses and has helped me immeasurably with the process of strategizing about and putting together my online course. He’s smart, collaborative, responsive and also happens to be a really nice guy. If you have a chance to work with Jason, I’d strongly recommend it.

Andy Molinksy
Author | Professor

Jason is a wizard when it comes to systems and funnels. We spent an entire day planning out the strategy for my membership site and other revenue streams. He’s not just another marketer, but is truly skilled in funnels and launching. I got all my questions answered and walked away feeling super clear and focused on how my business is going to generate over one million this year!

Jenn Scalia
Visibility and Growth Strategist

My podcast is blooming beautifully after working with Jason to launch it last year. I’m seeing exciting download numbers as my audience continues to grow and it’s bringing me the kind of influence I’ve always wanted.

Miriam Schulman
Artist | Art Teacher | Podcaster

Jason is a born business and marketing strategist. His work with my mastermind members took their content creation and messaging to a whole new level giving them the perspective and tools they need to leverage their expertise and connect with their audiences.

Jamie Broderick
Business Coach | Co-Founder of Speakers Who Dare | TEDx Producer

I made more progress with Jason in a short period of time than I have with many professionals that I’ve hired. He helped me get very clear on the best messaging to attract the ideal student to my online program. Jason is a really good listener, cutting to the chase, reflecting back to you what you need to know and then providing you with clear language and strategy. Jason is a master at what he does.

Jeffrey Shaw
Business Coach | Podcast Host | Speaker

Jason helped me cut through the B.S. and build confidence and clarity as I launched my new business venture. He breaks things down to simple, actionable tasks so I can build a sustainable strategy that feels authentic to my core values and also relatable to the people I want to serve. He is a master of questions that bring out the best in me and my work.

I am inspired by his character, integrity, generosity, and wholehearted approach to leading other people in a way that is so rare these days. He helps weave people’s stories and their unique genius into a clear and sound path for achieving my goals.

Rebecca Ching
LMFT | Leadership Developer

Working with Jason was the best thing that happened to me as I started searching for my brand and what value I could provide to the world. He listens intently before he proffers suggestions Jason helped me find the best platforms to get my voice heard. Our work together brought immense clarity and allowed me to go of unnecessary baggage and distractions. His tools and methodologies provided a steady and continuous catalyst to reach my goals.

Ashwin Krishnan
COO at UberKnowledge | Tech Ethicist | Podcaster | Speaker

Working with Jason gave me clarity about what the best options were for my business and how to best piece them together into a plan. The connections I made through Jason were top notch. I got to see inside the business of people who are a few steps ahead of me which helped solidify the direction I needed to take.

Gregg Clunis
Author | Host of the Tiny Leaps Podcast | Musician

I very much appreciated Jason’s approach for pulling together the pieces of how I see myself and how others see me. This has helped me move forward through many uncertain junctures in my business. Jason has a warm approach that makes working with him easy. I also benefit greatly from the connections I make through working with him.

Nate Cooper
Author | Edupreneur | Online Course Site Developer

Jason’s personal one-on-one coaching has made a huge difference in my life. Jason helped shape my message and take it from good to great. The coaching sessions were inspiring and action-focused. Thanks, Jason, for your help in noticing habits that were stopping me and taking the millions of ideas I have to change the world and put it into an order of importance so I can get them out in the world and actually start changing the world.

Urmil Patel
Entrepreneur | Consultant

Thank you so much for the time you spent with our mastermind yesterday. I so appreciate the presence you brought to our conversation! For the first time in a long time, I feel excited about my own content strategy rather than daunted by it.

Marissa Polselli
Content Writer | Speaker