Join me behind the scenes and find out why I’m so excited to share with you every detail of my new marketing and sales strategy that...

Generates consistent sales without launching or constantly running promotions even if you have a tiny list and zero copywriting skills!

This is NOT a long webinar or masterclass. There isn't even a product pitch at the end. You'll get the entire thing for free.

I'll send one short email each weekday for the next three weeks. Every email will contain an actionable piece of the puzzle. 

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I’m so excited to share this strategy with you (and to do it myself) because it:

    • Elevates your status as a recognized expert

    • Crafts a brand that is 100% authentically you creating a magnetic brand that stands out from the noise and rises above the “echo chamber”

    • Busts through perfectionism and self-doubt allowing you to create compelling content with ease

    • Creates a highly engaged following of fans that are ready to buy

    • Leverages the most powerful influence strategy since the dawn of time

    • ​Rapidly generates content for you to repurpose and republish to create the coveted “I see you everywhere” effect

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"So what's the friggin' catch, Jason?!"

Okay. I understand this sounds too good and simple to be true. But it does require you to generate a lot of raw content ideas.

This isn't for you if you just want to write an ad or two and use your credit card to buy "eyeballs" on Facebook.

But I’m going to show you how to come up with and endless stream of compelling content ideas and even give you templates to make it easy.

Also, you don't have to worry about everyone jumping on this strategy because and ruining it because most people won't be willing to do it (even though it’s 100% legal and ethical).

And one more thing, even if you decide not to use the strategy 100% as I share it with you, you’ll take away some of the best tips for creating content that attracts your ideal customers and prepares them to by, no matter which media or strategy you choose.

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