3 New Ways to Eliminate Procrastination, Overwhelm, and Perfectionism

As a business owner and thought leader, there will inevitably be times when you procrastinate a task or project despite its significance to your goals.

There are many reasons why we procrastinate, but two of the most common are perfectionism and overwhelm. I certainly have plenty of experience in this respect.

Procrastination can be especially frustrating when the task you are avoiding is essential to an important goal. You want the benefits of the outcome but find it difficult even to get started.

Perhaps you want to write a book but find it challenging to sit down and write.

Perhaps you want more clients, but you struggle to get started doing consistent outreach.

Perhaps you want to meditate so that you can enjoy increased mental clarity and awareness, but you find it difficult even to do a ten-minute meditation.

In this episode, I’ll share with you a set of questions you can ask to eliminate the overwhelm and perfectionism that leads to procrastination.

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  • 3 simple techniques for getting past perfectionism, procrastination, and overwhelm so that you can do more of the important things in your business

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