How to Balance Strategy and Intuition

How to Balance Strategy and Intuition with Christine Kane

In this episode, I interview the business coach and CEO of Uplevel You, Christine Kane. Christine has created a process for growing your business with a balance of strategy and soul (or intuition).

I was excited to record this interview with Christine given that, like me, she was a musician turned entrepreneur. She was a songwriter and performer for 15 years before starting her coaching business. As a musician, she sold over 100,000 copies of her seven CDs and shared the stage with luminaries such as John Mayer, Nanci Griffith, and Shawn Colvin.

Her coaching business, Uplevel You, emerged organically when people started asking how she’d built her successful music career.

She is the author of The Complete Guide to Vision Boards and her most recent book, The Soul-Sourced Entrepreneur: An Unconventional Success Plan for the Highly Creative, Secretly Sensitive, and Wildly Ambitious.

To use her words, The Soul-Sourced Entrepreneur shows you how to have success when your strength is more about sensitivity than swagger and you’re more moved by meaning than manipulation.

In This Episode

  • How to balance strategy and soul in your business
  • The Kolbe A assessment and why it’s a great tool for hiring and understanding your clients better
  • Christine’s framework for making intuitive decisions in your business

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The Impact Episode 14: New Clients and Income Using Hot Seats with Hillary Weiss

New Clients and Income Using Hot Seats with Hillary Weiss

I’m sure you’ve participated in a hot seat before. You might have even facilitated hot seats. But I’m willing to bet you haven’t thought of some of the ways Hillary Weiss uses them in her business to attract clients and generate content.

After Hillary shared her approach with me, I put it into action right away. The results? Two new retainer clients signed up to work with me.

I used to think of hot seats as just a tool that you use in group coaching and mastermind settings. Now I look at them as a key part of my business development process.

In this episode, Hillary and I talk about how you can use hot seats to expand your network, land new clients, launch a new stream of income, and more.

In This Episode

  • How I used hot seats to land two new retainer clients
  • How to stack the ROI with strategies like hot seats
  • How you can get started right away leveraging hot seats to grow your business

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The Impact Episode 13: Trust Yourself with Melody Wilding

Trust Yourself with Melody Wilding

You know those times when you read a book and it feels like every word was written for you? That’s the feeling I got reading Trust Yourself by Melody Wilding.

Melody’s book is a guide for those of us who are highly ambitious but who sometimes struggle with things like perfectionism, impostor syndrome, emotional triggers, and feeling not good enough. There are many things I love about Melody’s book, but at the top is the fact that it is packed with practical skills based on psychology and neuroscience.

The book is written for the Sensitive Striver (about 20% of the population) but is invaluable for anyone who sometimes gets hampered down by overthinking, emotions, and feeling like they are not enough. She lays out numerous frameworks and skills to help you break free from these things and instead tap into the many strengths that Sensitive Strivers have available to them.

This is one of the most impactful books I have read in the past year. I’m thrilled to have Melody on the show to talk about these groundbreaking ideas.

In This Episode

  • How Melody found the signature idea that became her first book
  • How to keep overthinking from holding you back
  • Why sensitivity is a superpower and how to use it to succeed in your business

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Strategy: Overcoming Costly Business Blindspots

Strategy: Overcoming Costly Business Blindspots

How can you tell which things you should focus your limited time, money, and energy on to get the best results in your business?

With so many things pulling at your attention, it can be challenging as a business owner to know what should get your attention now and what can wait.

It’s easy to end up operating in a reactionary mode that stretches you thin. The fog of working in your business day to day clouds the path ahead.

So, how do you clear the fog and gain clarity about the best roadmap for your business?

That is the topic of this new series of episodes about strategic planning. My goal with this series is to help you make sound, effective, and fruitful decisions about your business.

In this first episode of the series, we talk about five business blindspots that we must overcome in order to think strategically about our business and make sound business decisions.

In This Episode

  • How to find the best strategic path forward for your business
  • 5 common blind spots that are hindering your business growth
  • How to overcome these blind spots when they inevitably hit your business

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Strategies for Wowing Clients and Prospects with Jeffrey Shaw

Sustainable business success results from understanding and knowing how to operate within three critical ecosystems: business strategies, personal development, and daily habit/mindset. My guest, Jeffrey Shaw, writes about these ecosystems in his latest book, The Self-Employed Life.

Many times over burgers and fries, Jeff has told me stories about how he studied luxury brands and analyzed buyer psychology to crack the code for selling to NYC’s affluent and becoming their go-to photographer year after year. He has also become a top business coach, speaker, and podcaster, a further testament to the hard-earned experience he shares in his book and our interview.

I love how Jeff’s mind thinks about creating experiences that turn clients and customers into loyal advocates and long-time partners. Be prepared to take notes. I’m thrilled to share our conversation with you in this episode of Impact.

In This Episode

  • 3 ecosystems that affect the ongoing success of your business
  • How to increase LTV with the “Step-Up/Step-Down” business model
  • How to gain more prospects with the Emotional Journey Website Map
  • How to increase customer loyalty with customer-exclusive benefits and presumptive language

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