Customer Awareness

Generate More Sales with Customer Awareness

Then they create a customer journey that leads them toward doing business with you.

To create a compelling customer journey, you must have a deep understanding of your intended customer’s inner world and the process they go through before they buy.

In this episode, I’ll share with you a framework that outlines the five phases all customers go through before they buy. This framework tells you the kind of content you need at each step to earn their trust and buy-in.

It also allows you to identify places in your customer journey where you might be losing potential customers because of a mismatch in your message.

In This Episode

  • How to create content that grabs the attention of your intended market
  • A five-part framework for knowing what exact message your potential customer needs to hear to progress toward doing business with you.

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The Customer Awareness Spectrum
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Creating New Income Streams Quickly (A Case Study)

Creating New Income Streams Quickly (A Case Study)

“I’m afraid we’re going to have to postpone indefinitely.”

This was the first of many calls that my friend and client, Alexandra, would get in a 48-hour period resulting in a 40% loss of immediate income.

This was the day it became clear coronavirus was taking hold of New York City.

As a freelance teacher, mentor, coach, and choreographer, she could no longer do her in-person gigs.

It was a moment of concern and even a little panic.

What she didn’t know yet was that within three weeks she would manage to replace the money she lost, establish new online income streams that would continue even after quarantine, and fortify her business against future downturns.

In this episode, I interview Alexandra about what she did to make it happen.

In This Episode

  • How my client replaced 40% of her income after losing it due to the coronavirus quarantine
  • How she was able to quickly launch three new successful streams of online income in just three weeks

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Four Steps to Design a Profitable Online Course

4 Steps to Design a Profitable Online Course

There are four essential elements for creating an online course in order to ensure it will be profitable and deliver results. Together, these four elements make up a framework I call The Online Course Design Canvas. In this episode, I outline this framework and give you examples for each element to help you outline your first (or next) online course. You can also apply this framework to design other types of offers and income streams based on your expertise.

In This Episode

  • How to identify exactly what online course to launch first (or next)
  • 4 key things you must define in order to ensure your online course will be successful Read more
Four Plug-N-Play Marketing Templates to Powerfully Communicate Your Genius

4 Plug-N-Play Marketing Templates to Powerfully Communicate Your Genius

In this episode: 1) how to clearly communicate your unique brand to the marketplace 2) how to market and sell successfully when your values don’t align with the popular messaging in your industry.

Have you ever found yourself trying to communicate the essence of your business, in a clear and concise way? Maybe on your about page, or maybe when you’re on a podcast and somebody’s saying, “Hey, tell us a little bit about you.” Or, maybe when you get on stage, and you’re speaking and you want to be able to give a little concise elevator pitch, so to speak, about your business. Or, maybe at a networking event. There are so many times and places when we’re called upon to share what our business is about.

In the last episode of Impact, we talked about the Magnetic Messaging Framework, which is the five-part framework that I created to help you uncover the most unique and compelling parts of your message and your brand. In this episode, we take those elements and make them practical for you to use by giving you templates for putting the pieces together.

Today, the format of the show is a little different. You’re going to hear a live coaching call that I recorded, with permission. I want to make these concepts more practical by letting you listen to me helping somebody apply them to their business. In the call I’m going to share with you today, you’re going to hear me consulting Gillian Hood, a health coach. Read more

Five Steps to Create an Irresistible Brand and Message

5 Steps to Create an Irresistible Brand and Message

In this episode, you’ll learn how to 1) Create an irresistible personal brand that commands the attention of your ideal audience and customers 2) Uncover and clarify the most unique and compelling parts of your message.

There’s never been a better time to attract an audience and share your ideas with the world. But the Internet is a noisy place and it’s also getting harder every day to stand out if you don’t know how to properly create and communicate your personal brand. 

In order to grow your impact and income, you have to communicate your message in a clear and compelling way that cuts through all of that noise. You need to create a brand that is so irresistible, that your intended audience can’t help but pay attention, share your message, and do business with you. 

Perhaps you’ve struggled at times to convey the importance of your work. Perhaps you’ve had moments where it felt like your message fell flat and failed to resonate with the people you want to reach. Maybe you’ve found it difficult to gain the kind of critical mass that turns your message into a movement.  Read more