I help coaches, consultants, and expert service providers grow their brand and business as a thought leader.
Through consulting, online workshops, and proven frameworks, I can help you:

1) Establish a stand-out personal brand - Positioning

2) Grow your audience with digital content - Platform

3) Create scalable income streams (e.g. online courses) - Products

I help thought leaders and personality-based businesses to grow their reach, amplify their impact, and create new income streams.

Proven Systems and Experience Since 2005

When it came time for me to create my first online course, Jason was the person that I turned to. He can speak from personal experience about the most effective techniques and where you can get the biggest ROI.

If you want to reach a new audience through online courses or other online channels, Jason can help bring that to market and sharpen your ideas about how to do that in a really ethical way that fits well with you, your brand and your audience.

Dorie Clark
Author, Speaker, Professor, Leadership and Marketing Consultant

I have really enjoyed working with Jason on developing an online course based on my two published books, Global Dexterity and Reach. When I started, I knew a lot about teaching in-person and virtually nothing about online education. Jason was an amazing guide to the world of online courses and has helped me immeasurably with the process of strategizing about and putting together my online course. He’s smart, collaborative, responsive and also happens to be a really nice guy. If you have a chance to work with Jason, I’d strongly recommend it.

Andy Molinksy
Author | Professor

Jason is a wizard when it comes to systems and funnels. We spent an entire day planning out the strategy for my membership site and other revenue streams. He’s not just another marketer, but is truly skilled in funnels and launching. I got all my questions answered and walked away feeling super clear and focused on how my business is going to generate over one million this year!

Jenn Scalia
Visibility and Growth Strategist

My podcast is blooming beautifully after working with Jason to launch it last year. I’m seeing exciting download numbers as my audience continues to grow and it’s bringing me the kind of influence I’ve always wanted.

Miriam Schulman
Artist | Art Teacher | Podcaster

Jason is a born business and marketing strategist. His work with my mastermind members took their content creation and messaging to a whole new level giving them the perspective and tools they need to leverage their expertise and connect with their audiences.

Jamie Broderick
Business Coach | Co-Founder of Speakers Who Dare | TEDx Producer

I made more progress with Jason in a short period of time than I have with many professionals that I’ve hired. He helped me get very clear on the best messaging to attract the ideal student to my online program. Jason is a really good listener, cutting to the chase, reflecting back to you what you need to know and then providing you with clear language and strategy. Jason is a master at what he does.

Jeffrey Shaw
Business Coach | Podcast Host | Speaker

Jason helped me cut through the B.S. and build confidence and clarity as I launched my new business venture. He breaks things down to simple, actionable tasks so I can build a sustainable strategy that feels authentic to my core values and also relatable to the people I want to serve. He is a master of questions that bring out the best in me and my work.

I am inspired by his character, integrity, generosity, and wholehearted approach to leading other people in a way that is so rare these days. He helps weave people’s stories and their unique genius into a clear and sound path for achieving my goals.

Rebecca Ching
LMFT | Leadership Developer

Working with Jason was the best thing that happened to me as I started searching for my brand and what value I could provide to the world. He listens intently before he proffers suggestions Jason helped me find the best platforms to get my voice heard. Our work together brought immense clarity and allowed me to go of unnecessary baggage and distractions. His tools and methodologies provided a steady and continuous catalyst to reach my goals.

Ashwin Krishnan
COO at UberKnowledge | Tech Ethicist | Podcaster | Speaker

Working with Jason gave me clarity about what the best options were for my business and how to best piece them together into a plan. The connections I made through Jason were top notch. I got to see inside the business of people who are a few steps ahead of me which helped solidify the direction I needed to take.

Gregg Clunis
Author | Host of the Tiny Leaps Podcast | Musician

I very much appreciated Jason’s approach for pulling together the pieces of how I see myself and how others see me. This has helped me move forward through many uncertain junctures in my business. Jason has a warm approach that makes working with him easy. I also benefit greatly from the connections I make through working with him.

Nate Cooper
Author | Edupreneur | Online Course Site Developer

Jason’s personal one-on-one coaching has made a huge difference in my life. Jason helped shape my message and take it from good to great. The coaching sessions were inspiring and action-focused. Thanks, Jason, for your help in noticing habits that were stopping me and taking the millions of ideas I have to change the world and put it into an order of importance so I can get them out in the world and actually start changing the world.

Urmil Patel
Entrepreneur | Consultant

Thank you so much for the time you spent with our mastermind yesterday. I so appreciate the presence you brought to our conversation! For the first time in a long time, I feel excited about my own content strategy rather than daunted by it.

Marissa Polselli
Content Writer | Speaker