How to Focus on Your Unique Genius as a Thought Leader

In my last post, I shared three ways to discover your unique genius. Once you have discovered your unique genius, how do you focus in to become as effective and successful as you want to be?

I’d like to share with you something I learned from Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach.

Grab a legal pad and list out all the things you do in your business. Add to that list over the next couple weeks as you remember stuff.

Don’t forget to include stuff that comes up monthly, quarterly and yearly.

Now on another sheet of paper draw, two lines so you have four quadrants and categorize everything in one of these four areas. Start with the first category, and work your way down.


This is the stuff that you make a mess of when you try to do it. The classic example for most people here is bookkeeping.


This is the stuff you can do to minimum standards, but which drains you, frustrates you, and which you probably procrastinate at.


This one is tricky, because you’re quite good at this stuff. You even kind of enjoy it because people pat you on the back for it. However, it’s not really unique genius.


This is the stuff that lights you up. It’s the stuff that energizes you, and you do it at far above average. When you focus on this stuff, it feeds you AND it feeds your business. It’s really the “product” you are selling, and the reason why people want to work with YOU over someone else.

You want to spend as much of your time as possible doing this stuff.

For the tasks in the incompetent, competent, and excellence categories, you will want to delegate, systematize, and/or automate it. In fact, you can even just ditch it if nothing bad will happen or it’s just not that important.

Over time, this will allow you to focus on increasing the amount of time you spend on your unique genius.

What’s one unique genius thing you know you do exceptionally well, it that lights you up, and it creates immense value for others? Share in the comments!

EXAMPLE: One thing I have learned is part of my unique genius is my ability to bring clarity to a situation by listening and asking good questions.

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