The Impact Episode 13: Trust Yourself with Melody Wilding

Trust Yourself with Melody Wilding

You know those times when you read a book and it feels like every word was written for you? That’s the feeling I got reading Trust Yourself by Melody Wilding.

Melody’s book is a guide for those of us who are highly ambitious but who sometimes struggle with things like perfectionism, impostor syndrome, emotional triggers, and feeling not good enough. There are many things I love about Melody’s book, but at the top is the fact that it is packed with practical skills based on psychology and neuroscience.

The book is written for the Sensitive Striver (about 20% of the population) but is invaluable for anyone who sometimes gets hampered down by overthinking, emotions, and feeling like they are not enough. She lays out numerous frameworks and skills to help you break free from these things and instead tap into the many strengths that Sensitive Strivers have available to them.

This is one of the most impactful books I have read in the past year. I’m thrilled to have Melody on the show to talk about these groundbreaking ideas.

In This Episode

  • How Melody found the signature idea that became her first book
  • How to keep overthinking from holding you back
  • Why sensitivity is a superpower and how to use it to succeed in your business

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