The #1 Tool for Thought Leaders to Gain Attention & Earn Trust

The #1 Tool for Thought Leaders to Gain Attention & Earn Trust

What’s the #1 foolproof technique you can use in your marketing and sales content in order to dependably:

  • Get attention
  • KEEP attention
  • Evoke emotion
  • Offer empathy
  • Earn trust
  • Build influence
  • Inform AND entertain
  • And teach in a way that people will remember what you said?

Any guesses? The simplicity of the answer may surprise you: it’s storytelling.

But here’s the thing. While many understand the power of storytelling, most people aren’t doing it enough or they’re doing a half-baked job.

You’ll know a great story when you see one. It will:

  1. Speak truth
  2. Resonate with the audience
  3. Contain conflict
  4. Take a relatable character on a journey of transformation or realization

Here’s a SUPER simple way to do all of those things without even trying: pull stories from your own life.

I have a simple two-step formula that I use to come up with compelling stories for my content.

  1. Think of the point I want to make or lesson I want to share.
  2. Think of a story from my life that relates to it.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! The more you do this, the more it becomes a habit. Soon enough you’ll be using what I call The Seinfeld Method. Seinfeld became one of the greatest living comedians and created one of the most popular sitcoms of all time by doing one thing: taking everyday experiences that everyone could relate to, and making them ridiculous.

  • “Did you just double dip that chip?”
  • “No soup for you!”
  • “I’m sorry. We can’t take this book back. It’s been flagged. It’s been in the bathroom.”

But you don’t have to be Seinfeld levels of funny for this to work amazingly well. Just start noticing and noting experiences from your daily life that you can use in your content. Don’t underestimate the power of even simple stories from your past or present.

One more thing. Your stories don’t have to be long. You can tell a great story in under 100 words.

Let’s take fast action to get results.

Think of just one brief story from your everyday life that you can use to make your marketing and sales content more compelling and effective. Take a shot at writing it out, even if it’s just a couple sentences long. Drop it in the comments !

Also, what’s one of your favorite Seinfeld moments?

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