If you’re wondering how to best market and create content in the current climate, here are seven ways to serve as a leader right now for your customers.

7 Ways to Serve as a Leader Right Now

If your week has been anything like mine, it’s been a mixed bag. I think I have whiplash after being bounced and tossed around the emotional spectrum like a pinball.

I got a lot of great responses when I asked what topics you would like my insights on right now. I was happy to see that a lot of people wanted to hear about some ways to show up and serve as a leader right now.

I’m also working on content about how to make your business more resilient and how to quickly replace lost income. (Hint: #3 and #4 below are a great way to prepare for that.) More on those topics soon.

If you’re wondering how to best market and create content in the current climate, check out the resource I share in #4 below.

With that, here are seven ways to show up as a leader right now for your customers, clients, and audience.

1) Keep Showing Up (Show Up More)

It would be understandable to hole up right now and attend to yourself, your family, and those closest to you. And if that is what you need, that’s just fine.

And also, know that right now everyone is also looking for guidance, connection, hope, and familiarity. You can offer that to your clients, customers, and the audience. Keep sending out emails. Consider sending even more content. It can be more informal. Share a steady stream of ideas and recommendations to help them navigate this difficult time. Not only is it good leadership and karma, but it will also pay off for your business in the long run.

2) Provide Opportunities for Connection and Community

Many are stuck at home for the foreseeable future. There’s a huge need for connection. Think of ways you can offer that to your audience. One idea: organize remote co-working sessions on Zoom.

Hold short free (or paid) training calls. People are looking for useful ways to fill their time. Yesterday, I helped a friend set up an online movement class (something that would normally be held in a dance studio). Over 100 people eagerly signed up with more now asking to buy the recording. They were hungry to connect, move, learn, and feel some degree of normalcy.

Think of ways to do that for your crowd.

3) Check-in With the Needs of Your Market

Everyone’s needs shifted significantly overnight and continue to shift on a daily basis. Find out what your audience and market need most now. Get on the phone with clients, past clients, email subscribers, and others in your industry. Then, adjust your content and offerings accordingly.

I cannot overstate how important this is to do. If you are looking to replace lost income…if you are wondering how to pivot your business…if you just want to know how you can serve best…this is how you do that. You just might discover a new ongoing profit center for your business.

4) Create an Immensely Valuable Free Offer that Relates to Current Events

This relates to my previous point. Once you identify a pressing need, create a valuable resource to help with that need. This could be a guide, tutorial, resource list, or other similar assets.

An excellent example of this is a guide Northstar Messaging sent out this week to all of their current and past clients giving guidelines about how to create content when we’re in the middle of a crisis. I recommend checking it out here.

Not only is this a way to be of service, but it’s also a great reason to get in touch with past clients and other colleagues to check in with them. It can also lead to some new business for you. Also, it sets you up nicely to launch a new program related to the topic of your free resource.

5) Be a Curator of Resources

Information, special offers, and recommendations abound right now. It’s nice to see so many people helping others out. At the same time, a lot of people are overwhelmed. You can serve as a filter, curating the most important stuff for your audience in your area of expertise. An example of this is the email I sent out last week with A List of Things That Might Help Right Now.

6) Be Honest, Authentic, and Transparent

Acknowledge what’s going on. You can even share how it’s affecting you. This helps to normalize the situation. Doing “business as usual” and trying to show up as the infallible leader will come across as aloof.

7) Take Care of Yourself. Give Yourself Space.

Hopefully, this goes without saying. Show up and serve, but don’t overwork yourself. Don’t give away the farm. Take care of your health. Tend to your family. Tend to your business. We all deal with crises differently. Nothing I shared in this newsletter needs to be taken as a “should.” You know your circumstances best. Your intuition knows what’s best for you.

Stay healthy. Stay safe.