If you’re wondering how to best market and create content in the current climate, here are seven ways to serve as a leader right now for your customers.

7 Ways to Serve as a Leader Right Now

If your week has been anything like mine, it’s been a mixed bag. I think I have whiplash after being bounced and tossed around the emotional spectrum like a pinball.

I got a lot of great responses when I asked what topics you would like my insights on right now. I was happy to see that a lot of people wanted to hear about some ways to show up and serve as a leader right now.

I’m also working on content about how to make your business more resilient and how to quickly replace lost income. (Hint: #3 and #4 below are a great way to prepare for that.) More on those topics soon.

If you’re wondering how to best market and create content in the current climate, check out the resource I share in #4 below.

With that, here are seven ways to show up as a leader right now for your customers, clients, and audience.

1) Keep Showing Up (Show Up More)

It would be understandable to hole up right now and attend to yourself, your family, and those closest to you. And if that is what you need, that’s just fine. Read more

Here are four useful tools and techniques that can help you uncover your unique voice as a thought leader to stand out in your industry.

How to Uncover Your Unique Voice as a Thought Leader

In 1994, my brother and I started our first garageband. Spillway was our name (don’t ask me why).

We would set up in my parents’ basement and thrash about, banging the drums and crunching chords on the guitar, essentially knocking off of the popular grunge sound of the time.

Our first song was an “approximation” of a Stone Temple Pilots tune. Our next was a loose rip off of Rage Against the Machine.

Without a doubt, we sounded like hundreds of other garagebands playing in their parents’ basements, all of us borrowing liberally from the popular rock bands on the radio. But we had to start somewhere. This is the creative process of discovering one’s creative voice.

Much like writing songs, creating content and sharing your ideas online is an expression of your unique voice.

To find your own style, your own voice, you often start by mimicking the voice of others. You experiment. You put in your reps. Bit by bit you uncover the elements that make up the fullest expression of who you are, the things that set you apart from others who do or say similar things. Read more