Creating New Income Streams Quickly (A Case Study)

Creating New Income Streams Quickly (A Case Study)

“I’m afraid we’re going to have to postpone indefinitely.”

This was the first of many calls that my friend and client, Alexandra, would get in a 48-hour period resulting in a 40% loss of immediate income.

This was the day it became clear coronavirus was taking hold of New York City.

As a freelance teacher, mentor, coach, and choreographer, she could no longer do her in-person gigs.

It was a moment of concern and even a little panic.

What she didn’t know yet was that within three weeks she would manage to replace the money she lost, establish new online income streams that would continue even after quarantine, and fortify her business against future downturns.

In this episode, I interview Alexandra about what she did to make it happen.

In This Episode

  • How my client replaced 40% of her income after losing it due to the coronavirus quarantine
  • How she was able to quickly launch three new successful streams of online income in just three weeks

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