I thought my launch would fail, but I know I had to keep going.

Doubt set in; I was certain my launch was going to fail…

My mind got the better of me and I started freaking out.

Earlier that day, I’d posted something to social media and heard crickets in return.

That was two weeks ago. I was promoting my mastermind group for coaches and consultants.

I’d already booked a couple of fantastic people into the program, but I wanted ten participants.

The scared “monkey brain” part of my mind was certain that the “flopped” social media post was proof I wasn’t going to find anyone else to sign up.

The monkey brain didn’t care that I’d done 70+ launches in the past, most of which went well.

It didn’t care that time and time again I’d filled programs despite experiencing “launch slumps” along the way.

The monkey brain was working hard to protect me by convincing me to cut my losses and move on before I failed.

Thankfully, I didn’t listen.

I kept going.

I posted to social media again later that week and enrolled a third person.

He referred me to someone else who enrolled. Now I had four.

I kept going.

I sent a few more emails to my list.

A client from several years back happened to catch one of those emails, hopped on the phone with me, and enrolled. Now I had five.

I kept going.

I ran a webinar. Truth be told, nobody signed up from the webinar. But people loved the content and I added 100 new people to my list.

I kept going.

I sent personal invitations to past clients. Two more enrolled.

Now I had seven people.

One of the people I reached out to politely declined the invitation, but then proceeded to refer two more people who enrolled. Now I had nine.

I kept going.

Fast forward to today, a tenth person enrolled and I filled my mastermind.

Launches often feel tenuous. They aren’t all home runs despite what it looks like from the outside. They require perseverance, ego strength, faith, experimentation, and consistency. The old evolutionary part of your brain will sometimes fight against you tooth and nail.

That’s when being mindful, turning to your support system, using your coping mechanisms (I like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques), and perhaps a cocktail at the end of the day (I personally love a Moscow Mule) can really help.

You have to keep going.

You might be one strategy away from reaching your goal. Just assume that half the things you try won’t work out as well as you thought. When something doesn’t work, try something else.

Even the strategies that your mastermind friends, business coach, or a trusted colleague swear will get you results…sometimes those just won’t work for you for whatever reason.

Just account for that. Try more things. Some won’t work and some of them will.

And most of all… Just. Keep. Going.

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