3 Strategies for Growing Your Business

How can you know what to focus on in your business to produce the most significant new growth?

With so many options available to you, it can be hard to decide where to invest your limited time, money, and other resources to get the greatest return on your efforts.

We can quickly end up overwhelmed, spread too thin, or focused on the wrong areas.

The best way to make your growth strategy clearer, more focused, and more effective is first to realize that there are only three ways to grow your income and impact.

Yes, you can adopt many tactics and strategies, but all of them fall into one of three categories.

When planning your business growth strategy, it’s essential to zoom out and look at each of these three areas to see which one will provide you the best chance for growth before choosing specific strategies to implement.

In This Episode

  • How to know what to focus on in your business to generate the greatest growth
  • Common growth strategy mistakes that will stifle your income and impact and how to avoid them
  • The growth strategy that increases the value of each customer by up to 10x

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