3 Hidden Monetization Mistakes That Are Costing You Money

When monetizing your expertise and email list, there are three easily-overlooked mistakes that will secretly siphon away your profit potential. These three monetization mistakes are part of a phenomenon I refer to as Monetization Shyness.

I’m often asked to look over a client’s monetization strategies to find the gaps. Monetization Shyness is the first gap I look for because it’s so prevalent and so frequently goes unnoticed. Many business owners fail to see Monetization Shyness because its causes are counter-intuitive and rooted in your mindset.

As you know, your mindset is vital to your success and growth. Your mindset can either be an elevator to new heights or a ceiling that keeps you from moving upward. Monetization Shyness strikes both beginner and veteran business owners alike.

In this episode, I deconstruct three types of Monetization Shyness. Then I offer six specific ways you can root it out of your mindset and business to unlock new profit potential.

In This Episode

  • 3 hidden monetization mistakes and how to root them out
  • What is monetization shyness, and how might it be secretly eroding your income?
  • 6 ways to avoid this profit killer

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