Strategies for Wowing Clients and Prospects with Jeffrey Shaw

Sustainable business success results from understanding and knowing how to operate within three critical ecosystems: business strategies, personal development, and daily habit/mindset. My guest, Jeffrey Shaw, writes about these ecosystems in his latest book, The Self-Employed Life.

Many times over burgers and fries, Jeff has told me stories about how he studied luxury brands and analyzed buyer psychology to crack the code for selling to NYC’s affluent and becoming their go-to photographer year after year. He has also become a top business coach, speaker, and podcaster, a further testament to the hard-earned experience he shares in his book and our interview.

I love how Jeff’s mind thinks about creating experiences that turn clients and customers into loyal advocates and long-time partners. Be prepared to take notes. I’m thrilled to share our conversation with you in this episode of Impact.

In This Episode

  • 3 ecosystems that affect the ongoing success of your business
  • How to increase LTV with the “Step-Up/Step-Down” business model
  • How to gain more prospects with the Emotional Journey Website Map
  • How to increase customer loyalty with customer-exclusive benefits and presumptive language

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