Rise Above The Noise And Attract Your Ideal Clients

Rise Above The Noise And Attract Your Ideal Clients

What does it take to rise above the noise and attract your ideal clients like a beacon in a sea of sameness?

Be someone’s “jazz klezmer.”

In the age of near-infinite choice on the Internet, consumers are accustomed to finding the perfect movie, book, community, entertainment, or information to fit their needs.

If they’re itching to listen to an esoteric genre like jazz klezmer, Spotify has them covered with a curated playlist.

Want a dark, foreign, existential, twisty-turny, sci-fi show that pushes you to think? Netflix has you covered. (BTW, the show I’m alluding to is Dark, and it’s well worth a watch.)

It’s as much the same when prospective clients consider who to work with.

Your prospective clients want someone who aligns with their specific goals, needs, tastes, and values.

Recently, I went looking for someone who could help me alleviate the anxiety symptoms I’ve been dealing with the past few years.

I’d already read books about the latest science about the nervous system and scanned the landscape to narrow down my options.

Now I needed someone who could help me make sense of all the information and find the best way to apply it to my circumstances.

I knew I needed someone who:

  1. Followed the latest science
  2. Didn’t get bogged down in theory
  3. Didn’t push a one-size-fits-all formula
  4. Used body-based modalities
  5. Who had been through a similar experience
  6. That I “vibed” with

That last one is vital. I was looking for my “jazz klezmer” person to support and guide me, and I didn’t stop until I found them.

It’s much the same when your clients look for a coach or consultant.

It’s not sufficient to provide a relevant solution.

(Relevance is when you provide a solution to their pain or unfulfilled desire.)

They are looking for resonance.

(Resonance your unique vibe and approach).

In a recent LinkedIn post, I discussed the importance of developing your signature method to strengthen your unique selling proposition.

While others may use similar models, approaches, or tools as you, they can’t duplicate who you are.

These things matter.

  • Who are you?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • How do you make your clients think?
  • How do you make your clients feel?
  • What values guide your work?
  • What strengths do you offer?
  • What past experiences do you draw from?

And then, there are the other points of meaning you share with your ideal clientele which also build trust.

Are you both parents? Are you both children of immigrants? Do you both like sci-fi TV?

In aggregate, these factors strengthen your unique brand, making it the “jazz klezmer” option for a slice of the market, and therefore the only option for them.

By emphasizing these resonance factors, you stand out from the other coaches and consultants who seemingly offer the same solution as you.

The key is to highlight both relevance and resonance in your branding, marketing, sales, content, & offers.

There’s one final note to recognize here.

The point is not that your ideal client will be just like you. They hire you because you bring something different to the table in the form of experiences, expertise, or perspective.

However, before they hire you, they need to trust you. Resonance leads to likability. Likability (combined with your credibility) fosters trust. You must establish trust with someone before they will do business with you.

What’s a way that you infuse resonance (your “jazz klezmer” factor) into your brand? What questions or ideas does this bring up?