Making chicken soup with alchemy

🧪 Making chicken soup with alchemy

“My mom is an alchemist.”

That was the only thought going through my brain as I stared at the miracle she’d conjured.

It was the day after my daughter was born. I was hungrily rummaging through the kitchen for something to eat (groggy from a long night of waking up every 45 minutes to see if the baby was okay).

I opened the fridge…nothin’.

I looked in the pantry…meh.

I checked all the cupboards…yawn.

Somehow, we’d forgotten to stock up on groceries.

That’s when my mom (who’d flown in to help) walked into the kitchen and said she’d make something to quell our hunger.

I stepped aside, wondering how she could feel so confident, given I’d already checked the kitchen for anything worth eating.

I watched as she grabbed a mostly-eaten rotisserie chicken and a few random vegetables from the fridge.

Next, she searched the cupboard, selected a few spices, and pulled out a box of dried noodles. Thirty minutes later, we were eating a delicious chicken noodle soup.

My mom has always been a sort of alchemist with food.

In the 8th century, alchemists believed they could turn a common metal such as lead into gold, making it far more valuable.

Much like these alchemists, my mom took food items that seemed uninteresting and useless to me and turned them into something of elevated value–a yummy meal to satisfy our hunger–by using skills and experience she developed over the years cooking for a family of seven.

So, why am I telling you this story?

Because you, too, are an alchemist.

Instead of chicken soup, you have a new online course or program to make from the ingredients lying around your kitchen.

(Well, maybe not your kitchen but your brain, and probably your hard drive.)

Many coaches, consultants, and service providers don’t realize they already have all ingredients to create a scalable online program that will nourish clients and customers you aren’t reaching currently.

Maybe you can’t serve them right now because you’re maxed out with clients, or perhaps because some people can’t afford your current services.

All it takes is some creativity and opening up to the possibilities of packing your expertise in a new way so you can feed the masses.

What are the ingredients?

  • Your experience
  • Your way of thinking
  • The processes and “toolkit” you use when serving clients
  • Ideas you’ve developed and tested along the way
  • Your body of work (books, publications, lectures, classes, talks)
  • Your humor, intelligence, optimism, strategic brain, or unique genius

If you currently deliver results for clients, you already have 90% of what you need to package the process as a new income stream.

All you need now is a way to put them together.

Over the next two weeks, I’ll share strategies for launching a new online course or program with no drama, no massive marketing campaign, no agonizing overproduction, and no tech headaches.

My clients and I have used this process to generate 3k, 10k, 15k, 60k, and higher paydays in as little as three weeks.

Stay tuned for secrets that will reveal the alchemist in you!

In the meantime, I’d like to hear from you.

Have you considered creating an online course to grow your business? If so, what questions or challenges have held you back?