How to Stand Out in a Noisy Market

How can you stand out in a marketplace where so many are saying and offering similar expertise as you?

The commonly echoed advice is to have a compelling Unique Selling Proposition. Which tells your audience why they should choose your solution over others valuable to them.

While there is truth to this statement, it takes the focus away from one of the most powerful ways to create a one-of-a-kind thought leadership brand and business.


Ultimately people will follow your message, support your work, and do business with you because of who you are, how you think, and how you make them feel.

This requires infusing your content and brand with your values, stories, opinions, and unique point of view.

The more you share these parts of yourself, the more your audience discovers the things you share in common.

This shifts the relationship with your audience and customers away from being simply transactional. It turns it into a relationship of shared meaning and values.

This is Resonance.

Resonance breeds trust. Our brains are wired to trust people that we perceive as being like us.

Resonance elevates you above the sea of sameness in your market.

You go from being one of many experts in the marketplace to being the best and only choice for those who resonate with you.

To do this, you must infuse your content, brand, and messaging with the things that are most foundational to who you are — your stories, perspective, personality, values, purpose, beliefs, etc.

Even things as simple as your mutual interests — Great British Baking Show anyone? — plant seeds of Resonance with your audience.

While expertise and credibility are important, if you rely on these elements at the expense of shared meaning, it will limit your reach and impact.

When you create content this week, find opportunities to share the resonant side of who you are. Lean into it. It’s one of your greatest assets.

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