How to uncover and leverage your unique genius

Focusing on your unique genius and strengths in your business, body of work, and daily activities provide you with the greatest opportunity for fulfillment and growth in your work.

Leveraging your strengths is also your greatest opportunity to create value for others and to contribute to something bigger than yourself.

When used in the right way, your strengths are a competitive advantage and a key element for strong brand positioning as a thought leader. A strong brand position helps you stand out and attract your ideal audience and customers.

Understanding your unique genius also helps you create courses, products, and services that leverage your strengths. When you do this, you create greater results for your clients and students.

Further, you feel more confident when you talk about (i.e. market and sell) and deliver your products and services because you have a greater understanding of how your customers will benefit from working with you.

Finally, this process provides you with the exact language to describe what you do best and how it is unique. This makes your messaging more compelling to the clients you enjoy working with most and do your best work with.

For the past decade, I’ve refined a process for helping my students and clients uncover and connect with their unique genius.

Today, I’d like to share with you a worksheet that walks you through part of that process. This is pulled directly from my Launch Your Course online workshop.

You can access the Google Doc version of the worksheet here.

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