The Influencer’s Toolkit: 7 Essentials for Changing the World

Change the World with Your Ideas

Imagine hundreds, thousands or millions of lives blessed by your story.

Imagine your message spread far and wide.

Imagine consistently producing ideas that improve the world.

Imagine all the good that you will do.

The world needs you to fully amplify your creative work. I want to help you do that.

And when I say creative work I mean any…

  • Thought
  • Story
  • Idea
  • Or piece of content

…that you have or will share with another person.

We all have creative work in us.

There’s never been a better time to make your mark on the world.

The Internet and mobile technology give you an unprecedented ability to get attention, share your message and make an impact.

How to Change the World

For the last ten years I’ve worked with entrepreneurs, content creators and thought leaders to help them build an online presence.

Each of them started with a desire to change their life and change the world.

I’ve seen a mother from Austin, Texas save a baby’s life in Oman, participate in leading research and get published in professional journals just because she had the courage to share her own experience of enduring a high-risk pregnancy.

I’ve seen a pediatric doctor turn one of his biggest failures into a thriving non-profit in India and a six-figure business.

I’ve seen one woman use her story of losing 170 pounds into a thriving community of other men and women dedicated to reclaiming their own health and happiness.

The story inside of you is your greatest asset for changing the world.

In a moment, I’ll share seven tools that you’ll need in order to influence others and change the world.

First, I have a confession…
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MNM 14 | What Documentary Filmmaking Can Teach You About Creating Compelling Content

filmmaking I’ve mentioned on the show before that I’ve been working on creating a short documentary film. Well, the film is finally done.

It was a ton of work, but a worthwhile experience that taught me several great lessons about how to create compelling content.

I’ve been taking note of the lessons learned along the way and in this episode I share them with you.

Download the MP3

Download the Outline (PDF)

Watch the Video version

In this episode of Mastering New Media

  • The most powerful way to influence someone in your content
  • How to stay motivated when continually creating content
  • How to finally finish a project that you never seem to get around to completing

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MNM 13 | Define Your Target Audience in 8 Easy Steps Pt 2

Target Audience In this episode we continue our discuss about how to define your target audience. I talk about steps three through eight of the process you can use to zero in on the best market for you to focus on.

Choosing the right target market will greatly improve how well you content connects with and influences your audience. It will also save you a lot of time and energy, making your content marketing efforts more rewarding.

Download the MP3

Download the Outline (PDF)

Watch the Video version

In this episode of Mastering New Media

  • How to determine if your market is hunngry enough to buy what you offer
  • The one thing that will get your market to trust you (even more than your resume of skills and accomplishments)

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Have You Made This Critical Content Creation Mistake?

IMG_0061I recently learned a HUGE lesson about content creation. I made a mistake that cost me a lot of time and put me way behind on a big project. Now I want to help you avoid this pitfall in the future.

Here’s the deal…

Over the last several weeks I’ve been filming a documentary for a festival taking place on Dec 11. The film is about a local dance company, Polaris.

The first time I saw them perform, it connected with me in a way that no other dance has. It was surprisingly accessible — raw and emotional.

Then I found out the dancers, despite their level of skill, didn’t get paid. I knew I had to film their story to find out what could inspire such commitment to art and each other.


So naturally I filmed interviews with them. The lighting was great, the video turned out really nice and I got some wonderful sound bites.

It seemed I had everything I needed to tell a beautiful

But then I realized a glaring problem.
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