Knowing your revenue capacity reveals what’s needed to reach your income goal (or if it’s even possible to reach with your current business model).

Know your revenue capacity to reach your income goal faster

“How much money do you want to make in 2022?”

I recently opened a client coaching session with this question.

She gave me an ambitious but doable revenue goal.

“Great! What ideas do you have so far for reaching that goal?” I asked in response.

She came back with the usual answers.

“Grow my email list.”

“Fill my classes with more people.”

“Maybe raise some of my prices.”

I nodded my head, then asked.

“Do you know your revenue capacity?”

She looked confused.

I looked back at her reassuringly. “Don’t worry; most people don’t know their revenue capacity. That’s why they’ll struggle to meet their income goals. But we’re not going to make that mistake. “

I continued.

“Let’s do a little thought experiment. If you woke up with twice as many people asking to work with you tomorrow, could you serve them all? What about 3x or 5x?”*

She replied, “I’d have to turn a lot of them away.”

This is the same answer many coaches and consultants give in response to this question.

I nodded my head. “Before we talk about growing how we will reach your income goal this year, we need to figure out if you even have the revenue capacity to reach your goal. This is the step so many people skip.”

I explained that her “revenue capacity” is the amount she would make by the end of the year from all her income sources, assuming she sold out all of her scheduled offers.

We added everything up. It fell short of her goal.

She shot a worried glance my way.

“Don’t worry. Now we know what we need to focus on to reach your goal.”

She needed more revenue capacity. She needed the ability to serve more people throughout the year.

The problem was she could only take on so many 1:1 clients, and many of her classes had limits on how many people she could accept.

Without making some changes to her offers, growing her list would be like filling a small bucket with a fire hose.

We found ways she could serve more people by optimizing offers to be more scalable.

We also found an offer she hadn’t been focusing on that could accommodate an effectively limitless number of people if she offered it online.

That class would be a key leverage point in reaching her income goal.

I imagine you’ve set an income goal for your business.

I also imagine you have some ideas about how to reach that goal.

But reaching your income goal requires more than blindly pursuing the usual go-to strategies.

Coaches and consultants often find themselves up against an income ceiling because their offers aren’t structured to scale.

Knowing your revenue capacity reveals what’s needed to reach your income goal (or if it’s even possible to reach with your current business model).

Your revenue capacity is how much money you would make if all scheduled and available offers for the year sold out.

Do you know your current revenue capacity? Do you have plans to increase your revenue capacity to make your income goal possible, let alone easier to reach? Feel free to reach out here if you need help with that. 

The Unspoken Danger of Business Masterminds

The Unspoken Danger of Business Masterminds

It’s a time of year when many business owners join a mastermind.

So today, I‘d like to share something with you that really bothers me about masterminds.

It’s something that can potentially lead people down a path that is damaging to their business.

But once you know how to keep an eye out for it, you can avoid this pitfall and still get all the amazing benefits that masterminds offer.

Once, I was sitting in a mastermind meeting where one of our group (I’ll call her Erin) was in the hot seat asking for ideas to generate more leads for her business.

Immediately, someone jumped in to share how they were doing really well with paid ads and sending leads to a webinar.

As soon as there was a gap in the conversation, another member of the group jumped in to talk about how much his podcast had grown his email list.

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The rabbit hole that changed by business

The rabbit hole that changed by business

As I looked around the Lincoln Center auditorium, I felt like a fish out of water. I wondered if I was wasting my time. Little did I know, I was about to discover something that would significantly change the trajectory of my business.

I’d bought a ticket to the 99U conference for career designers and creatives.

My only goal in attending was to bump into new ideas. One of the ideas I bumped into was Design Thinking, a process used for solving problems and designing products.

Today, Design Thinking is at the core of my business strategy and online course development approach. It’s allowed me to launch successful products faster for myself and my clients.

There was no clear ROI for attending 99U when I bought the ticket. Yet, I invested three workdays and several hundred dollars to go.

Why? Curiosity.
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Filling your courses without being sales-y

Filling your courses without being sales-y

Today, I want to share some tips for promoting your online course in a way that inspires people to buy without resorting to annoying sales tactics.

First, I’d like to share a quote from my client, Alexandra, that illustrates what happens when you craft a campaign that truly resonates with your intended audience.

“In the beginning, it felt daunting to write so many emails. I worried I was going to overwhelm people or they would get sick of me. But with your guidance, it felt effortless.

The response to my marketing campaigns has been amazing. I fill my courses easier than ever before, and people actually reply to thank me for the emails. They even respond to share very personal things, which moves me so much. You showed me how to make my marketing campaigns feel like a gift.

These campaigns generate $10,000 and up while also building a relationship with my audience that feels very meaningful. It’s brought me more one-on-one clients and professional opportunities. Thanks to your approach, I now enjoy promoting my online courses.”

Filling your courses requires a proper marketing campaign. But that doesn’t mean you have to do a pushy, complicated product launch.

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Are you ready for an online course?

Are you ready for an online course?

How do you know if you’re ready to launch an online course and if it’s the right strategy for your business?

This is a question I get a lot. In this email, I want to share a simple checklist to help you answer the question for yourself.

At the end of this email, you’ll find info about my Launch Your Course group coaching program, where I’ll guide you through designing your online course and launching it at the best time of the year: January.

In my recent emails, I’ve been sharing how I helped my client, Alexandra, launch a new online course in three weeks, make 10k with her pilot course, and replace half of her income with other online courses. This has grown her brand and impact and given her more freedom in her career.

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