What if you could take your expertise and ideas and make an even greater impact on even more people?

You’ve got innovative ideas, a big vision, and years of experience mastering your craft. You’ve got credentials, connections, and content.  And now you want to harness those things to reach even more people, attract even bigger opportunities and make a nice “you-shaped” mark on the universe.

If you’re like most thought leaders, you might have reached that point where you feel a bit overwhelmed, stuck, and like you’re swimming in a mess of exciting but confusing mess of options and possibilities. How do you choose? How do you tie it all together to reach your goals?

You might have speaking engagements, consulting clients, a book you’ve written or want to write, that online course you started to outline, and a hundred other ways you’ve stumbled across want to use your knowledge to impact the world and make money (in a way that’s not dependent on overextending your time and energy.)

You’re probably asking yourself: What’s the best path forward for me to reach my vision and what on earth is the next step?

That’s why I’m here.

Grow a Thought Leader Brand and Business that Amplify Your Impact and Income

My name is Jason Van Orden and since 2003 I’ve been working with thought leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs like you to launch and grow businesses. I’ve been known for launching some of the first courses on the Internet and running a lot of crazy digital marketing campaigns. (Though, I actually got started with old-school snail mail campaigns before the internet boom.) 

I especially enjoy growing businesses with an important idea or message at the core. I LOVE ideas. I love getting to bring fun, new, unique ideas to life and partner with people doing amazing things. I’m driven to help your ideas reach the people and problems that need them most. That’s how I grow my own impact on the world.

What I really help people do though, is take their  “beautiful mess of assets and opportunities,” and tie everything together to create a cohesive business and brand that represent your unique brilliance, values, and mission.

I Helped This Professor Turn His Book Into an Online Course That He Now Licenses to Corporations

I just finished working with a professor at a graduate school here in NYC. He had written two books and helped a lot of people with his research about how to come out of your comfort zone. But he knew his message was somewhat stuck in the classroom with his students and was feeling frustrated. 

We worked together to package his ideas into a new income stream. I helped him create his first online course. Now he’s licensing his methods to corporations, reaching people outside the university, and creating income that isn’t dependent on his time. 

This is an example of the kind of thing I will help you do. But the goal and path are different for everyone.

We’ll Find the Approach that Fits You Best

When you work with me, we’ll take a deep look at your story and perspective combined with your years of mastery in your field and figure out what the best path for you is to create the most impact.

I use frameworks, not formulas. That means I help design your business so that it aligns with your vision, values, and unique genius. A lot of people will try to sell you a one-size-fits-all formula. The problem is successful businesses aren’t one-size fits all. You need an approach that feels authentic, harnesses your unique genius, and aligns with what is most important to you.

That is how you will get the greatest results and help the most people. My frameworks will help you build a lasting legacy.

We’ll take a unique approach to communicate your message. So many people I’ve worked with described getting stuck on the marketing for fear of sounding sales-y and ruining their reputation as a “sell-out.” Together, we’ll talk through how to communicate authentically and promote in a way that feels good.

Here Are the Ways I Can Help You Reach Your Thought Leadership Goals

When we work together, I am your strategist and advisor. I help you get clear about where you are headed and how you will get there. Together we design the next phase of your business and create an action plan. Then I guide you as you put the plan into action. Here are the things I can best help you with.

  1. Creating and launching a course
  2. Packaging your ideas into new sources of income
  3. Growing your audience and brand authority
  4. Creating a content strategy that gets results
  5. Pivoting your brand in a new direction
  6. Generating more leads and sales

I’m not a designer, copywriter, project manager or provider of similar freelance services. However, I will help you find reputable and talented people at the right price to help you with those things if needed.

I’ve been doing the work of building successful brands online since 2005, and offline since 2003. I’d love to partner with you to help take the next right step and reach your most important goals faster.

4 Options for Working with Me

Depending on your needs and circumstances, we will work together in one of the following ways.

  1. 1-on-1 Consulting – regular in-depth calls and unlimited email access
  2. Group Workshops – accelerate the growth of your business and brand
  3. Strategy Intensive – four to eight hours working in person on your business
  4. Laser Assessment – Fill out my assessment and hop on a one-hour call to quickly solve a key issue in your business

Book a Free Clarity Call

The next step is to book a free Clarity Call with me to talk about your goals. We’ll talk about where you want to go and the best way for you to get there.

Then I’ll share with you the best options for you to work with me. If I’m not the best one to help you, I’ll point you to other helpful resources.

Click the button below to book a time that is convenient for you. Also, be sure to answer the handful of questions you’ll be taken to immediately after you book your call. Your answers will help me prepare so you can get the most from our call.