Are you ready for an online course?

Are you ready for an online course?

How do you know if you’re ready to launch an online course and if it’s the right strategy for your business?

This is a question I get a lot. In this email, I want to share a simple checklist to help you answer the question for yourself.

At the end of this email, you’ll find info about my Launch Your Course group coaching program, where I’ll guide you through designing your online course and launching it at the best time of the year: January.

In my recent emails, I’ve been sharing how I helped my client, Alexandra, launch a new online course in three weeks, make 10k with her pilot course, and replace half of her income with other online courses. This has grown her brand and impact and given her more freedom in her career.

(Click here if you missed her case study and would like to learn the process we used – PDF.)

Before deciding to launch an online course, Alexandra expressed she didn’t feel ready and didn’t think she had the necessary resources or skills. Thankfully, I helped her see she was more than ready, or she would have missed out on an immense opportunity to grow her business.

I asked her two sets of questions, one to see if she was ready and another to see if it made strategic sense for her business. I’ve included both sets of questions below for you to answer for yourself.

Online Course Readiness Checklist

If you answer YES to all four of the following questions, you have what you need to launch a profitable online course quickly.

  1. Do you know who your ideal clients are?
  2. Are you selling your one-on-one services consistently?
  3. Do you know how to deliver dependable results for your clients?
  4. Do you often draw from the same set of materials, tools, or approaches when working with clients?

Online Course Strategic Checklist

If you answer YES to any (even one) of the following questions, an online course is an excellent strategy for growing your business.

  1. Do you have prospects who want your services but are not ready for them or can’t afford them?
  2. Have you reached the maximum number of clients you can work with one-on-one?
  3. Do you want to make more of your income from sources that don’t require so much hands-on attention?
  4. Do you find yourself repeating the same things to clients frequently?
  5. Do you want to free yourself from working with a specific geographic area so you can serve more people and find clients more easily?
  6. Do you have prospects who would likely work with you if they first had a way to learn from you at a lower cost than your current services?

If you answered YES to all four questions in the first set and anyone in the second set, you are ready to launch and profit from an online course.

Would you like to discuss your results with me? Let me know here, and we can book a call to see whether this is the direction for you.

I frequently hear from clients that they wish they had launched their course sooner, especially once they see the numerous ways an online course transforms their brand and business.

Imagine having your course launched and filled just two months from now.

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