Content creation doesn’t need to be so overwhelming or time-consuming. Here are several ways you can do to grow your audience faster.

How to Grow Your Audience Faster

“My business needs more visibility, but I struggle to be consistent with content creation. There are just too many things to keep up with. I don’t have time or energy for it all.”

A client recently said this to me on a call and it’s something I hear often.

Consistent content creation is vital to growing your audience and brand authority.

Too often, I see people struggle to keep up with this due to a lack of time and energy or they are simply just overwhelmed.

Content creation doesn’t need to be so overwhelming or time-consuming.

The key is to get as much ROI as you can out of every piece of content you create through syndication and repurposing.

My social media manager, Jay, does the syndication work for me for about $200 a month.

Here are several ways you can repurpose your content for syndication on other channels.

  1. Extract 4-5 tips and create a slide carousel (see an example on LinkedIn here)
  2. Pick pull quotes and create images for social media (example here)
  3. Create an audiogram excerpt from your podcast (example here)
  4. Post a shorter version of an article to social media (example here)
  5. Post the entire article to sites such as LinkedIn or Medium (example here)
  6. Extract the audio from a live stream and post it to a podcast feed (that’s what my friend Fei does)
  7. Post your content to your email newsletter (or turn a social media post into a newsletter as I did with this content – original post here)

This list is by no means comprehensive, but it gives you ideas to start with.

What other ways do you get the most out of the content you create? Let us know in the comments.