The Spotify approach to becoming a thought leader

The Spotify approach to becoming a thought leader

The advent of the CD listening station was a life-changer for me. I’d sit at the music store (remember those) for a couple of hours sampling the latest album releases, looking for something new and exciting to add to my collection.

At the time, it was a big deal to be able to listen to before buying. This is how I first discovered The Cranberries in 1992.

Today, a $10-a-month subscription to Spotify or Apple Music gives you access to endless collections of genres, artists, and albums.

Want to hear some klezmer jazz fusion? It’s just a couple of clicks away. Whatever your need or desire, the Internet’s infinite shelf space will provide.

I often think about how this idea applies to thought leadership and making your expertise available online. When someone goes online looking for insight, help, and guidance, they don’t want to work with just any expert.

They want to work with one who understands their specific circumstances and resonates with their vision and values.

Today, they can find that perfect person for them. That person might be you. Any number of things might make you that perfect fit.

Maybe they want to learn from who has been through the same challenging experience as they have.
Maybe they want a business coach who is a parent just like them.
Maybe they want to learn decoupage from a sci-fi enthusiast.
Maybe they want a consultant who understands LGBTQ issues.

This is why you should never doubt your ability to make a mark on the world.

There’s an audience waiting to hear from you, a group of people you are uniquely suited to serve.

A personal brand is exactly that…personal. Your brand must be more than your credibility and expertise. In the end, people will work with you because of who you are, not just what you know.

The key is to know who those people are and then show up (authentically) in a way that resonates with them.

My Magnetic Messaging Framework (free PDF download) will help you uncover the parts of who you are and your message that will stand out and attract the perfect crowd for you.

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