This is Your Greatest Asset for Growth, Mastery and Impact

“I realized I’ve been trying to work on my weaknesses too much and not leveraging my strengths enough.”

That was the message I got this morning from a new client. I’m elated because this single insight will have a huge transformational impact on every aspect of her business and body of work.

Your strengths and unique genius are your greatest asset, not only for reaching your most important goals but also for making the greatest impact on others and securing the greatest fulfillment for you.

When you align your pursuits with your strengths, it infuses everything with a sense of ease. The results of your efforts amplify exponentially.

This is why I always spend some time with my clients exploring their strengths and unique genius before we dive into their business strategy.

Leveraging your strengths to their fullest requires that you continuously and relentlessly do four things.

1) Further your understanding of what your strengths are and how you can best use them to benefit others.

2) Fortify your belief in the value your strengths provide to others, especially those you serve with your work and business.

3) Focus as much of your time and energy as you can on things that align with and leverage your strengths (and always strive to increase the amount of time you are able to do so).

4) Consider how your strengths affect, align with, and can be used in every aspect of your business including content, marketing, sales, product development, business model, growth strategy, and so on. You should be thinking about your strengths with every decision you make every single day.

In my experience, most business owners have a lot of room for improvement in each of those four areas. I see them using content strategies and creating products that neglect their strengths. This is one of the greatest reasons they get stuck and their growth stagnates.

It’s so easy to get pulled towards what you think you “should” be doing when noise and dissonance bombard you from every direction — the comparison trap, well-meaning but ill-informed advice, the echo chamber of regurgitated ideas, noise from marketers selling their formulas, and the temptation to look outside of yourself for the “right answer.”

If you’re feeling dissonant or stuck in your pursuits, I recommend blocking some out time in the coming week to take an inventory of the “shoulds” that have infected your business and strategy. Reconnect with your strengths. Find one incremental way to better leverage them in your work.

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