The truth is, there’s plenty of room for your voice in the world. And your personal brand needs three things to lift you above the noise.

These 3 Things Will Lift You Above the Noise

“How can I possibly stand out from all the other people saying and offering the same things I am?”

It’s a question worth asking given all the noise on the Internet. Just this morning, I was on the phone with a client who was concerned about starting a podcast when it seems like there are so many people with podcasts already.

The truth is, there’s plenty of room for your voice in the world. In fact, it’s desperately needed. The key is to develop a distinct voice that stands out and draws your ideal audience in.

To stand out in the marketplace, your personal brand needs three things.

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Whenever I find myself at a critical business juncture, I "get out of the building," not literally, especially during COVID, but in the spirit of stepping out of my element.

Get out of the building

I’ve done over 20 coaching calls in the past three weeks. While the topics of each call varied, one piece of advice came up more than any other.

The advice applied whether I was coaching someone just starting out or someone who already had a thriving business.

This advice is my go-to when it comes to getting clarity and confidence about business strategy, both for myself and my clients.

It’s a treasure trove of inspiration and validation.

It’s a simple piece of advice, and yet so many overlook it.

In the words of renowned entrepreneur and author, Steven Blank.

Get out of the building.

In other words, get out and have in-depth conversations with your intended market in which you ask them meaningful questions about their experience.

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The Spotify approach to becoming a thought leader

The Spotify approach to becoming a thought leader

The advent of the CD listening station was a life-changer for me. I’d sit at the music store (remember those) for a couple of hours sampling the latest album releases, looking for something new and exciting to add to my collection.

At the time, it was a big deal to be able to listen to before buying. This is how I first discovered The Cranberries in 1992.

Today, a $10-a-month subscription to Spotify or Apple Music gives you access to endless collections of genres, artists, and albums.

Want to hear some klezmer jazz fusion? It’s just a couple of clicks away. Whatever your need or desire, the Internet’s infinite shelf space will provide.

I often think about how this idea applies to thought leadership and making your expertise available online. When someone goes online looking for insight, help, and guidance, they don’t want to work with just any expert.

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Isaac Newton's Guide to Growing Your Business

Isaac Newton’s Guide to Growing Your Business

I glared at the organic pile of refuse in the back corner of my yard, clutching a garbage bag in one hand and donning a gardening glove in the other.

For a month, the job of cleaning up the mass of plant material left by the previous occupants had weighed on me. I shivered to think about the creepy crawlies that lurked below the rotting leaves, weeds, and twigs.

Every time I’d thought about tackling the task, there were plenty of other household things to do that were much less, well, gross. And so, I had put it off.

But I knew it had to be done given it was likely a contributing factor to the bugs in the yard.

I finally mustered a bit of resolve.

I’ll just grab one or two handfuls and put them in the bag. That’s all. It’s a start. I can always do more later.

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Content creation doesn’t need to be so overwhelming or time-consuming. Here are several ways you can do to grow your audience faster.

How to Grow Your Audience Faster

“My business needs more visibility, but I struggle to be consistent with content creation. There are just too many things to keep up with. I don’t have time or energy for it all.”

A client recently said this to me on a call and it’s something I hear often.

Consistent content creation is vital to growing your audience and brand authority.

Too often, I see people struggle to keep up with this due to a lack of time and energy or they are simply just overwhelmed.

Content creation doesn’t need to be so overwhelming or time-consuming.

The key is to get as much ROI as you can out of every piece of content you create through syndication and repurposing.

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